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"Full-auto assault rifle. Superior mobility with a high rate of fire."
— In-game description

The VAPR-XKG is an assault rifle featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The weapon currently has a MKII variant that is obtainable from Reserve Cases, and a Mastercraft variant known as the Vampire Hunter that is purchasable for CODPoints in the Black Market.


  • Ammo (Blackout): 5.56mm
  • Operator Mod: Bayonet
  • Country of Origin: United States of America


The VAPR-XKG appears in the Zombies maps Voyage of Despair, IX, Blood of the Dead, Classified, and Dead of the Night, where it is available on the wall for 1550 points and as a weapon within the Mystery Box for 950 points. When upgraded via the Pack-a-Punch Machine, it becomes the Creepng Haze with the magazine size increased to 50 rounds and its ammo reserve increased to 400.


  • Voyage of Despair - In the room connecting the Forecastle and the Mail Rooms, as well as on the starboard side of the Sun Deck.
  • IX - In the entrance room of the Odin Tower, to the left of the stairs leading up to the Odin Altar Room.
  • Blood of the Dead - In the Transverse Tunnel near the fast travel to the Cafeteria, as well as in the Sally Port to the left of the locked door.
  • Classified - In the Server Room, on the side of a server directly in front of the room's entrance.
  • Dead of the Night - In the Gardens, at the T-shaped intersection to the right of the Maddox RFB.






  • The VAPR-XKG was originally going to have a integrated suppressor.
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