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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

"You dead, American."
— VC Bookie to Bowman

The Viet Cong Bookie, or VC Bookie, was the VC soldier who forced Woods, Bowman, and Mason to play Russian roulette. He collects the bets from the other Viet Cong Guerrillas. He is killed when Mason grabs the revolver for the roulette, aims the gun at the Bookie's neck, and fires. Mason then grabs the Bookie's CZ75 from its holster, and uses it to shoot the other VC soldiers in the room, while using his body as a human shield.



  • "You, no talk! Play!"
  • "You shoot, G.I.! You shoot!"
  • "Im lặng!" (Meaning "Be silent!" in Vietnamese)
  • "Bắn bắn bắn!" (Meaning "shoot shoot shoot!" in Vietnamese)


  • When the bookie says "Bắn Bắn Bắn!", the subtitles make an error which reads "Bac Bac Bac".
  • He serves as the announcer for the NVA in multiplayer.
  • When Mason shoots the Bookie, he shoots the bookie in the neck, but when the Bookie is turned around, there appears to be no sign of the shot.