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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Mobile

"The Wolf Mother built her reputation in the Nordic region through anti-terrorist operation, and now uses that reputation as a mercenary. Wth a specialty in tracking high-profile individuals, she will turn the hunt on anyone-for the right price."
— In-game biography

Vagr Modir is a character featured in Call of Duty: Mobile and was added in the game on May 23, 2021, during Season 3: Tokyo Escape as part of Fallen Valkyrie Draw. [1] Later, during Season 4: Spurned & Burned, Vagr Modir was introduced in the Comics.


Vagr Modir working for the Five Knights, leading an armada to rescue Hidora Kai from UAC's grasp. She spies on the ship that Hidora is being held in, and tells her men to prepare themselves. Also revealing herself to be in command of a fleet of battleships, she then attacks the crew on board the ship.

She then faces off with Soap, who tells her to call her men off, but she refuses and instead lets her wolf attack him, knocking him off board. She then remarks that the wolf is the "best of her children", before she also knocks over Alex, who unsuccessfully attempts to thwart her from reaching the cabin. Busting inside, she then finds Hidora, who is being held at gunpoint by General Shepherd. Modir forces him to free Hidora and most likely subsequently tirs him to the same chair Hidora was tied to. As he and Modir heads outside, he suggests contacting Rorke, but Modir notes that he’s busy and they will coordinate with him shortly. Meanwhile, Soap is rescued by Alex, and the duo rush in, only to find Shepherd tied up to the chair, as Modir takes Hidora off the ship. Soap and Alex give chase. When the former duo board their ship, they notice the rest of the armada getting sunk by the Ghosts' ship. Hidora remarks that things aren't looking good for them, but Modir is confident that they won't be stopped.

She and Hidora then rendezvous with Rorke on another ship. Modir chides Rorke for giving her flawed intel as her fleet was decimated by the Ghosts, but he notes that Adler introduced a new element and that he was playing his cards close to his chest. Just then, their ship comes under fire from both the UAC & Ghosts ships. Modir suggests for them to drop naval mines to lose them, which succeeds in delaying them long enough to make their getaway.

She is later greeted by Rott upon their arrival to Panama, although she isn't seen for much afterwards and is absent during Rorke's execution.

Vagr Modir is seen again later, along with her pet wolf, joining Templar, Ghost, Soap, Alex & Rosa on their mission to Alaska to hunt down Stansfield. She joins them just before they take off on the plane, and informs Edouard that she wouldn't miss the fun as he had killed Rorke earlier. Soap & Alex are clearly uneasy about having Modir accompany them. She takes notice of it though, and asks them if they have any hard feelings, to which Soap replies that so long as her wolf doesn't bite him again, he won't have any.