"Hostiles eliminated! How many do you think I got?"
— Sgt. Vargas, after clearing the final room of Russian troops in "Oil, Fire, and Ice"

Sergeant Vargas is a United States National Guard who appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance.


In the WildEdit

Vargas is sent along with Cpt. Brewer and Sgt. Wilson to Alaska to carry out wilderness survival training. However, the group are contacted by command and are redirected to recapture vital resource facilities now under Russian Occupation.


Vargas and Brewer march into the town with aid of unnamed soldiers and the air of Bravo Team (Dwight, Andrews, and Jenkins). He shadows Brewer as they meet up multiple times with Bravo to discuss attack plans.

Split Personalities?Edit

In the mission "Overwatch", "Vargas" appears as a British S.F.S.G. troop. He shares this trait with Capt. Brewer who has also been turned into a British S.F.S.G..

It is most likely that this "Vargas" and "Brewer" are totally different soldiers as: their accents have changed from an American to a British accent, they are outfitted differently ("Vargas" now wears goggles and "Brewer's" goggles are red not orange) and as mentioned above, they are mentioned as "Brits" by Command, but are part of the US National Guard in the first two missions "In the Wild" and "Isolation". It is most likely they were meant to be different soldiers, but named the same by mistake.



  • Brewer, Vargas and Wilson are actually British S.F.S.G troops, however, in the other missions they are portrayed as US National Guard troops.
  • In Isolation it's possible to see Vargas take multiple headshots from Russians in quick succession, although this neither kills him nor makes him flinch. The only time he flinches from a bullet is when it hits him on the body or limbs. This is unlike his companion Brewer, who will stumble and/or stop when shot in the head.
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