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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty 2.
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Private Vasili Ivanovich Koslov (Russian: Василий Иванович Козлов) was a soldier in the Red Army who fought during World War II, and is a playable character featured in the Soviet campaign in Call of Duty 2.


Vasili Ivanovich Koslov joined the Soviet Army (more specifically the 13th Guards Rifle Division) in December 16th, 1941, after Germany declared war on the Soviet Union, Vasili was conscripted by the Red Army in order to defend the Soviet Union against the German attackers. One of the motivations that caused Vasili to accept his conscription was the death of several of his relatives in German artillery fire, and his hatred towards the Nazis and Germans.

A day later, Vasili traveled with his comrades in the back of a truck to Moscow and did some basic training with Commissar Letlev, and soon fought off a German attack. Vasili and his comrades traveled to Stalingrad afterward and fought there for most of the war. Vasili had to destroy some German tanks with sticky bombs in combat. Vasili also protected his comrades by sniping and providing covering fire, quite often from regular infantry but as well from enemy machine guns or snipers.


  • In the Russian version of the game, he is sometimes referred to as 'Vasya' (Russian: Вася), a short way of saying Vasili.
  • The player's character is supposed to start with the 87th Rifle Division, as it wasn't re-designated as ''13th Guards Rifle Division'' until a month later (19th January 1942). A developer error.