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Vekron Pacific Reactor with Downtown Seattle across the Bay
Power Plant under attack by KVA

The Vekron Pacific Reactor is a location in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It is a nuclear fission reactor located near Seattle, Washington, and is the setting for the level "Fission".

Events of Advanced WarfareEdit

The facility appears to be either new, or expanding as two cooling towers are in use and another two are being built.

It is likely that the facility already had one reactor in operation and was constructing a second. There are three turbines seen being driven by the steam generated by the plants reactor (and as per the additions, there are likely three more being added in a separate hall).

The KVA destroy the functioning reactor along with many others in a terrorist act, triggering what is classified as a Level Seven nuclear event, a major accident and tantamount to the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters.

The reactor meltdown completely leveled all structures at the Vekron Pacific Reactor. The Vekron Corporation owns and manages four other nuclear power plants in Michigan, North Carolina, Texas, and Mexico. The KVA also attacked their reactor near Detroit, contaminating the city to the same degree as Seattle.

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