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Venerated Warrior is the easter egg achievement/trophy for the map IX, which the Chaos Story characters must summon and face off against the Venerated Warrior.

Step 1: Blood Must Flow[edit | edit source]

The first step is to unlock the Pack-a-Punch. Then the player can continue the rest of the Easter Egg. From the Arena, open Danu Tower and take the stairs up to the Danu Altar Room. (The player(s) can choose either Danu or Ra to begin) After reaching the top of the stairs, turn to the immediate left, toward the rebuildable barrier window. To the left of the window is a Gong. Walk over to the Gong and press the use button. This will summon a Champion(s) for the player(s) to challenge. Defeat the Champion(s), walk over the floating head to pick it up, and then the player(s) will need to make their way over to the Ra Altar Room. They need to find the Gong, activate it and summon the next Champion(s). Rinse and repeat for Zeus Tower and Odin Tower. The player(s) will need to make their way to the Temple and place all 4 of the heads on the pikes in front of the Pack-a-Punch altar. This will unlock the Pack-a-Punch. During this time, be sure to build the Brazen Bull Shield.

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