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For the Black ops II DLC of the same name, see Vengeance.
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"Disobey a direct order - and move to prevent the 54 Immortals from overrunning the CIA safe house, in order to secure LNO Kane for extraction."
— Mission Briefing

"Vengeance" is the sixth level in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

Campaign[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

Level Briefing[edit | edit source]

Encryption #6F-20-6D-61. Protocol: Romeo

Goh is intent on enacting Vengeance on the Winslow Accord safe house

Mission approval denied. Agents should NOT proceed to Singapore, Safe Zone

Active Mission - Day 3

Pre-Mission Scrolling Text[edit | edit source]

Scrolling Text
AAR INCOMING. WA MSS AIRBORNE-6R. REPORT DESIGNATION: CO Juliet-Tango. Standing OIC: Juliet-Hotel. LNO: Romeo-Kilo. AFTER ACTION MISSION REPORT: Classified WASF. SOCWA-C Eyes Only. Encryption # 6-FOXTR0T-2-0-6-DELTA-6-1. OPERATIONAL PROTOCOL: Search & Rescue. Mission Status: OPEN. Day: 3. The latest INTEL leaks proved to be far more expansive and damaging than initially anticipated. Not only have WA safehouses been compromised all over the world, but the details on the SP/CORVUS Black Project have been revealed as well. It is still too early to determine the extent of the fallout from this release of such classified documents. Immediately following our mission to investigate the Coalescence Corporation facility, we became aware that Safehouse-SGP was now under attack from the 54 Immortals -acting on the direct orders of Goh Xiulan. Communication with WA Command was down at this time, and I made the executive decision to attempt a recovery of LNO Kane as opposed to taking immediate EVAC. This decision to undertake a rescue mission was not in line with standard protocol and was in direct opposition to the LNO's orders prior to comms failure. Hendricks voiced his disapproval of the operation, but I felt Kane’s extraction was vital to the ongoing operation. Open engagements occurred throughout AO - where the 54 Immortals had enacted a massacre of civilians in the surrounding area. The high civilian casualties are deeply regrettable - especially as these acts of brutality were in no doubt in retaliation for our actions at the Biodomes. To put it bluntly - This was not a tactical move by the Immortals, this was an emotional response - this Vengeance. After the Immortals breached WA Safehouse-SGP, my attempt to extract our LNO led to a confrontation with Goh Xuilan which resulted in her termination. The true impact of leaving the Immortals without leaders - and what it means for the future of Singapore and the Quarantine Zone - are not assessable at this time. Hendricks called in VTOL EVAC to our location and we successfully extracted from the AO. Though badly injured in the conflict, Kane is making a good recovery - having undergone onboard medical procedures en route to Cairo. Personal Comment: Hendricks continues to theorize about a CIA conspiracy of some kind, and has begun to ask questions about my relationship with our LNO - going as far as to suggest that I may be emotionally compromised. For the record: while I do feel a strong personal connection with Kane - it is neither sexual nor romantic in nature. My only focus is the mission.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Making it to Singapore in chaos, the Player and Hendricks tell Kane they're on their way, much to her disapproval (having disobeyed orders). Finding the 54i committing atrocities, the two agents make their way to Kane's location. On the way, Hendricks has doubts of Kane's loyalty, and starts to regret coming back to save her. Taylor eventually speaks to Hendricks and the Player by hacking into their comms, expressing his anger over the CIA's secret black project. Taylor asks them who the bad guys are, the yes men (CIA), or those who were left to rot (54i). In addition, Taylor expresses his satisfaction of seeing the 54 Immortals commit acts of brutality, believing their anger to be "righteous".

The agents stealth their way through the café and temple courtyard to avoid attention. Kane doesn't respond on comms, leading Hendricks to assume comms are interrupted, but the Player says it's something else. As the Player expected, Goh Xiulan has taken Kane hostage, taken over the safe house and has the ability to speak to the Player and Hendricks on comms (through the help of Taylor).

Killing the entire 54i's arsenal, the Player and Hendricks attempt to enter the building, but are knocked backward by an explosion. Refusing to leave Kane to die, the Player enters the building against Hendricks' orders. In the building, the Player dispatches grunts and unties Kane from her straps. Attacked by Goh Xiulan, she is subdued and killed by the Player pushing her head into a flame. The Player and Kane leave the burning safe house, as the former asks Hendricks does he have anything to say. In response, Hendricks is disturbed by the blood on the Player as the trio leave the scene.

Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Main article: Collectibles#Vengeance

Accolades[edit | edit source]

  • Untouched: Completed the mission without dying
  • Score: Completed the mission with a score of 12,000 or higher.
  • Got 'em: Found all of the collectibles in the mission.
  • Aggressive: Kill all of the enemies in the apartment before Hendricks does.
  • Floor 'Em: Take down all enemies within 6 seconds.
  • Show Off: Kill a sniper during a wall run.
  • Like a Ghost: Get through the cafe undetected.
  • Eye in the Sky: Destroy all Talons in the cafe.
  • Cut Ya: Kill 5 enemies in the cafe using melee attacks without alerting any other enemies.
  • To The Shadows: Get to the temple courtyard undetected.
  • Whisper: Kill 5 enemies without any of them becoming alerted.
  • Stealth Double Kill: Kill 2 enemies with one bullet two times without alerting any enemies.
  • Counter-Snipe: Kill all snipers in the parking garage without being hit by any of them.
  • Bring the Pain: Kill 10 enemies with a mounted turret.
  • Now You're Mine: Kill 5 enemies with a P.A.W.W.S.
  • Aerial Assault: Kill an enemy while in mid-air.

Weapon Loadout[edit | edit source]

Field Ops Kit

Found in level[edit | edit source]

Found in level

Video[edit | edit source]


Call of Duty- Black Ops III - Vengeance -Walkthrough PC-

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The song "Clockwork Squared" from Dead Ops Arcade can be heard through the television speaker in one of the houses the player must enter.
  • After killing the three 54i soldiers at the beginning of the level, there is a mirror in the bathroom where the Player cannot see their reflection. (Not true for the PS4 version)
  • Hendricks' KN-44 in the beginning does not have an optic on it until the stealth section is completed.

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Achievements/Trophies[edit | edit source]

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