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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode
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For the weapon the grenades are based off of, see Venom-X.

The Venom Grenades are a schematic featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Extinction maps Awakening and Exodus.


The parts for the Venom Grenades can be found in Search Piles, while the schematics can be found in the starting area, near one of the lockers. In Exodus, the schematics are found on the top of the slums building after opening the right gateway, and at the work bench near the truck after opening the left gateway. Upon crafting them, the player will obtain five grenades. Like in Mayday, the different biolum picked-up will determine the effect of the Venom Grenade. The crosshairs for throwing one is that of the C4.

Much like with the Venom-X, regular Biolum returns standard Venom-X grenades, leaving behind a green cloud that lingers and can deal additional damage to Cryptids after the initial explosion. Blue Biolum returns Venom-LX grenades, leaving a ball of lightning that deals additional damage afterwards, for a longer period of time in a smaller area. Orange Biolum returns Venom-FX grenades, leaving behind a flaming pool that will deal afterburn damage. These lingering flame pools can damage the user, so extra caution should be exercised with those compared to other Venom grenades.

The Venom Grenades act as a spiritual upgrade to Pipe Bombs, as the player gets five grenades with each Venom Grenade schematic completed, and they serve the same role of dealing massive explosive damage, but the added after-explosion effect makes the Venom Grenades more effective. Players might want to wait on building the Venom Grenades so as to leave schematic Search Piles free for when they are assembling NX-1 Disruptors later, but Venom Grenades are relatively popular, and tend to be the next thing that players craft when playing, if not the first due to it being accessible and it is possible to assemble them just in the starting area.


  • Grenade Casings
  • Grenade Detonator
  • Biolum


  • Venom-X Grenades (requires normal Biolum)
  • Venom-LX Grenades (requires blue Biolum)
  • Venom-FX Grenades (requires orange Biolum)