"A little present for the Boche. We call her Vera. Her twin over there is Lynn."
Gerald Ingram, "Night Drop."

Vera is the name given to one of the two jeeps operated by Major Ingram's Special Air Service unit - the other being her sister unit Lynn - in Call of Duty 3. The player, as Sgt. Doyle, gets the opportunity to drive her during the campaign.


After the Handley Page Halifax carrying the two jeeps is shot down in "Night Drop", Vera is initially lost. However, she is later found behind a barn after an intense firefight around a farmhouse. Sgt. Doyle drives her to the rendezvous point with Cpl. Keith and Pierre LaRoche on the guns.

After finding Marcel and destroying three FlaK 88 anti-aircraft guns, Doyle, Keith, and LaRoche drive in Vera and eventually get stuck in the sights of a Panzer IV, but they are soon saved by Marcel riding in Lynn.

She is driven into a German controlled depot in the level "Fuel Plant", where Vera narrowly avoids being hit by a speeding goods train but crashes into a wall instead. She is replaced by a stolen Horch 1a for the rest of the level, and by Lynn for "Hostage!"


  • When the names of Vera and Lynn are put together, they form Vera Lynn, a famous British wartime singer.
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