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Vercanna, also known as Vercanna the Last, is a character mentioned in Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies mode. She is a deity of the Dark Aether.


Life in the Dark Aether

For most of Humanity's existence, Vercanna and her clan dwelled in the Wilds of the Dark Aether where they lived as hermits unlike the other clans. They often communed with the Web of Life connecting their life-energy with one another. However, as Kortifex the Deathless waged his Netherwars for supremacy, his armies left a wasteland wherever they went, diminishing the Web of Life.

After Vercanna's clan pleaded Kortifex to spare their land, he sent his armies to slaughtered them and burnt their sacred forests. However, Kortifex didn't comprehend how the Web of Life worked. With each member of the clan killed, their energy passed down to the next until Vercanna became the last, an all powerful and potentially invincible entity.

When the clans began revolting against Kortifex, Vercanna met with Bellekar the Warlock in front of her birth mark in what was now the Corrupted Lands of the Dark Aether. The two began forming a plan to defeat Kortifex which led to his banishment inside his artifact on Earth.

Joining the resistance

After the artifacts were reactivated following the Endstation incident, in early March 1944, and the subsequent bonding of Kortifex with the Die Wahrheit commander, Wolfram Von List, the entities trapped in the artifacts started helping the Allied forces at the Soviet city of Stalingrad.

Among them was Bellekar who, with the help of Gabriel Krafft, sent messages to the Dark Aether in order to find help for their cause. One of the messages was intercepted by Vercanna. Learning about the possible return of Kortifex, she created an artifact for herself, the Wand of the Wilds, and opened a portal from Stalingrad to Egypt's eastern desert near the temple where Kortifex's artifact was first discovered by Die Wahrheit, allowing the Allied soldiers to cross through. Vercanna also sent the Decimator Shield, after she founded discarded in the Wilds of the Dark Aether, to help but it became trapped inside Aether crystals that formed around the temple.

Watching the Allied soldiers' actions, she deemed them worthy of carrying the shield. With the help of the other entities, they were able to free the shield which remained dormant. Vercanna used her powers to hijack one of Kortifex's Syphoncore blood rite, using Revenants life-energy to awake the shield. Zaballa, the Deceiver, an assassin belonging to Kortifex's Sisters of Agony and who participated in the slaughter of Vercanna's clan, tried to stop them to no avail.

With the shield awaken, Vercanna opened a portal to the Corrupted Lands of the Dark Aether where the High Construct was located. Using the shield, the Allied soldiers broke the Void spell protecting one of the pages from the Tome of Rituals which contained information on how to seperate Kortifex from Von List. Vercanna then joined the resistance against Kortifex, stating that she found her new clan.