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"What we do in Verdansk will pave the way for the rise of Greater Russia."
Vikhor "Stitch" Kuzmin

Verdansk (Cyrillic: Верданск) is a major city in Kastovia, a fictional country featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Verdansk serves as the main setting for the Special Ops operations and Ground War maps of Modern Warfare, as well as the battleground for Call of Duty: Warzone. Verdansk is also mentioned several times in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and is featured in the Season Three intro cinematic.

Following the Destruction of Verdansk, the modern-day version of the map in Warzone was replaced by a 1980s version called Verdansk '84 with the Season Three of Black Ops Cold War.


Cold War

"Stitch, the rats are here. Adler is secure and headed to you in Verdansk."
Kapano "Naga" Vang

At some point during the Cold War, Imran Zakhaev was in Verdansk and sealed the facility to prevent Perseus from obtaining weapons or Nova gas and turning the world against the Soviet Union.

In early 1984, CIA operative Russell Adler was captured by Perseus operative Vikhor "Stitch" Kuzmin. After being tortured in Laos for several months, Adler was sent to Verdansk where Stitch was planning to use the brainwashing Numbers Program developed by Nikita Dragovich first on Adler and then on entire nations in order to achieve Perseus' goal: the creation of Greater Russia.

After the Cold War, Russia and the Western nations worked together to rebuild Verdansk.

War Against Al-Qatala

"Price, there's something wrong in Verdansk. They are targeting their own. We need to find out why. Send fighters I can trust."
Simon Riley in the Modern Warfare Season Two intro

On October 24th, 2019, CIA Officer "Alex" and several US Marines were deployed near Verdansk to confirm the presence of chlorine gas inside a depot and prevent the forces of Russian general Roman Barkov from sending it to Urzikstan. The gas, however, was stolen during the mission by a group of insurgents led by Hadir Karim.

On March 3rd, 2020, Al-Qatala-Aljahdid, a terrorist organization under the leadership of Khaled Al-Asad, supplied by Victor Zakhaev, a Russian Ultranationalist, invaded Kastovia and launched a full-scale assault against Verdansk. Having been supplied with military vehicles, Al-Qatala easily overwhelmed military forces in Verdansk and occupied the city and its surroundings. Those living in the city either abandoned their homes and fled or were massacred by Al-Qatala. Al-Qatala also began stockpiling chemical weapons, derived from Barkov's chlorine gas. A new military alliance, Armistice, was formed to stop Al-Qatala and prevent it from pushing through to Urzikstan.

Several operations were mounted to eliminate high-value targets of Al-Qatala's network in Verdansk with the purpose of stopping and crippling the organization's access to weapons, funds, intelligence, and hardware. These missions were carried out by the Arm-4 team.

Fall of Armistice

The operations were successful in dismantling Al-Qatala's network and influence over Verdansk. In order to get rid of Armistice, Zakhaev and Al-Asad released the chemical weapons upon the city. Armistice operatives began turning on each other and proceeded fight among themselves to survive. Inside the city, lieutenant Simon Riley, member of Task Force 141, started an investigation of the situation, requesting Task Force 141 leader, Captain John Price, to send him fighters he could trust to assist him.

Soon after, Zakhaev allowed Al-Asad and Al-Qatala to return to Urzikstan while his own men stayed in Verdansk. The conflict continued, however, as Price and Kyle Garrick, another member of Task Force 141, joined the fight. Many operators from Allegiance and Coalition also arrived in Verdansk.

Stopping Zakhaev

"They came to Verdansk to stop us, but they couldn't resist fighting each other. This war is 50 years in the making. No more treaties, no more diplomacy... These weapons will no longer lie dormant. Your work is not in vain, father."
— Victor Zakhaev

Victor Zakhaev had long wished to fulfill his father's dream of bringing back the Soviet Union and getting rid of the Western influence over Russia. As a way to defeat Armistice, Zakhaev bribed one of their operatives, Arm 3-1, to attack other operatives. As distrust between Allegiance and Coalition grew, Zakhaev was able to travel throughout the city undetected. Arm 3-1 was sent to the Zordaya Prison by Zakhaev but managed to escape and, guilt-ridden, sent information related to Zakhaev to what was left of Armistice.

In the following months, little progress were made to stop Zakhaev, which led the Allegiance to enlist a private military company called Shadow Company. In August 2020, a small team of Shadow Company operatives led by Marcus Ortega arrived in Verdansk with intel from the Allegiance about comms traffic coming from the Verdansk National Arena. The team stormed the stadium, blowing off its roof and landed in its soccer field ready to eliminate any hostiles and hunt down Zakhaev. This proved to be fruitless as Zakhaev was nowhere to be found.

With the help of Riley, Price discovered that Zakhaev had been evading detection by using the underground metro system to travel on foot. He tasked Chimera leader "Nikolai" alongside Farah Karim to enter the tunnels and power back the subway for use against Zakhaev. Afterwards, Price contacted Sergeant Marcus Griggs of the Demon Dogs to stand by for orders. Soon after, radiation was detected indicating that Zakhaev was moving radioactive material and dirty bombs through Verdansk.

In December 2020, Price and the Task Force 141, Riley and Garrick, finally pinpointed Zakhaev location, in a bunker located near the coastline under a spomenik. Inside the bunker, Zakhaev was arming an ICBM aimed at Washington, D.C. The Demon Dogs with the help of "Alex" and Farah launched a diversion while Price infiltrated the bunker. Price killed Zakhaev by throwing him off to the bottom of the missile silo. With Zakhaev dead, Price received the abort code, 6157, from "Nikolai" and prevented the missile from launching. The team then regrouped at the top of the Verdansk dam. There, Price received a call from Johnny "Soap" MacTavish informing him that things were heating up half a click off the coast. Price replied they were moving his way before they all jumped off the dam.

Destruction of Verdansk

"Commander, I regret to inform you that Verdansk has fallen. Containment Protocol has been initiated."
— Russian Officer

On February 25th, 2021, the Vodianoy, a ship that disappeared for almost four decades, re-emerged near Verdansk and crashed into the coastline. The ship contained chemical compounds, as well as an infestation of Zombies. Originally contained to the shipwreck, the zombies began spreading to other parts of the city between March 11th and April 15th. Eventually, the entirety of Verdansk became contaminated, and the Armistice Command Central ordered operators to begin an evacuation of the city. On April 21st, the evacuation of Verdansk began but 45 minutes into the evacuation, the ACC deemed it a lost cause and a nuclear strike was launched, completely destroying Verdansk.[Canonical?]

Geography and Infrastructures

For Modern-day Verdansk, see Verdansk/Infrastructure of modern-day Verdansk.

Verdansk84 Sectors TacMap WZ.png

Verdansk is surrounded by mountains with Arklov Peak located in the north-west part of the region and Mount Yamantau located far in the north. Two rivers run through the city, the Gora River in the west and the Karst River in the east. Both rivers flow into the Kastovian Sea in the south.

Verdansk is divided into five main sectors with each sector divided into multiple zones containing several landmarks and points of interest in the region[1]. In the western part of Verdansk, a freight train can be seen traveling around the Airport, Boneyard, Novi Grazna Hills and Verdansk Hospital.


Verdansk84 Sector1 North WZ.png

The northern part of Verdansk is divided into five different zones, from A to E. The western zone features the Summit Complex with the Gora Viaduct with the Gora river running below. The Arklov Military Base is also located in the northern part of the city with a missile hatch located south of the base. A salt mine is located in the most western zone next to the Karst River. A massive radar array is located in the southern part of the sector.

Summit Complex (Zone 1A)

The Summit Command and Control complex is located on either side of the Gora gorge with a massive Control Tower sitting a the top of a rock attached to the center of the gorge. Facilites on each side of the gorge include helipads and control rooms. To cross the gorge, a massive viaduct was built during the 19th century. [1]

A highway tunnel leading to the Verdansk Airport is located west of the complex. Two small hamlets are also located south of viaduct, the Bloc 16 and Bloc 16, featuring few houses, garages as well as a restaurant and a police station. Bunker 04 can also be found in the area. On the western part of the zone, an old abandonned mine can be found between the highway and a wooden rail bridge, part of the system circling around the western region of Verdansk.

With Season Four, a satellite crash site was added near the Gora River between Bloc 16 and Bloc 17.

Jarvdinsk Hatch (Zone 1B)

The Jarvdinsk missile hatch is the central part of the zone with Bloc 23 located in the north and consisting of small hamlets with a fire station. The Riverside village is located south of the hatch alongside the Gora river. The village features a police station as well as a small pharmacy, an elementary school, and a restaurant. The Bunker 11 can be found in the area.

Arklov Peak Military Facility (Zone 1C)

The Arklov Peak Military Facility is a small military base located in the north of Verdansk. The base features several warehouses and storage units as well as barracks and a training facility. The base also features the main hangar with five smaller ones and two runways blocked by dolosse. Two comms towers are also located in the base.

During the 80s Action Heroes event, the interior of Hangar 21 was changed into a CIA outpost. In the outpost, players could launch a Bombardment around the hangar killing anyone in the area. Players could also interact with a map of Verdansk to update their Tac-Map which would then highlight ten survival camps across the map as a reference to 1985 movie Rambo: First Blood Part II.

Karst Salt Mine (Zone 1D)

The Karst River Salt Mine was established in 1961. Located east of the Arklov Peak Military Facility and next to the Karst River, the mine features large piles of salt next to its entrance with conveyor belts leading to warehouses and crystalizing pools where red algae grow. Several secondary entrances to the mines tunnels can be found in the hill next to the mine.

The mine also features railroads and a train station part of the eastern railroad system of Verdansk connecting the mine with the Lumberyard and the Port of Verdansk in the south. The railroad also offers a way out through the mountains in the north.

Kastovia Radar Array (Zone 1E)

The Lozoff Pass is a massive zone located south of the salt mine and military base. An apartment block with a small bank and a Burger Town restaurant can be found in the western part of the zone with a small pond located in the north alongside Bunker 05. Two hamlets, Bloc 14 and Bloc 15, can be found in the area mostly featuring small houses, warehouses and farmlands.

A massive radar array was built in the south of the Lozoff Pass. The over-the-horizon radar defense system was designed to act as an early-warning to any anti-ballistic missile launches from as far away as the Pacific Ocean.


Verdansk84 Sector2 West WZ.png

The western part of Verdansk is divided into eight different zones, from A to H. This sector is dominated by the Verdansk Regional Airport with a massive yard used a maintenance and factory located east of the airport. A superstore, the largest in Verdansk, can be found south of the airport with also a storage town next to it. A large aircraft boneyard is also located south of the sector.

Verdansk Airport (Zone 2A)

The Verdansk Regional Airport is located north of the West sector. The building features several terminals and shops, including a Burger Town restaurant as well as a lounge.

A parking lot and sky bridges can be found south of the airport and a highway junction next to it leading to the Gora gorge in the north and the Storage Town in the south. Several apartments, as well as a closed-off subway entrance and a vehicle showroom, are located east of the parking structure. A small park of beech and sycamore trees can also be found next to the sky bridges with a statue of "The Mother of Verdansk" in its center[1].

Outside of the airport, a control tower and two main runways can be found with planes still on the apron.

Airport Maintenance Complex (Zone 2B)

The Airport Maintenance is located next to the airport and features several hangars and warehouses as well as a police station. Several cargo planes can still be found near the hangars.

The Airplane Factory can be found in the southern part of the Maintenance Complex and features a fuel tower and several hangars housing plane parts use for reparation.

Junkyard (Zone 2C)

The Junkyard is the western part of Verdansk and features a family-owned junkyard with a small homestead in the south. In the north, one can find a warehouse owned by the Gardar Shipment Company[1]. Several bunkers can be found in the area.

Storage Town (Zone 2D)

The Storage Town is a large collection of 35 self-storage garages with six alleyways running north to south and three alleys running east to west. An old farmstead with two red silos is located next to the Town. One can also find a gas station and a Burger Town restaurant in the eastern part of the zone.

The Obrovnik Swimming Pool Center is located in the south of the Storage Town next to a small park.

Superstore (Zone 2E)

The Superstore is a massive supercenter located south of the Airport and west of the Storage Town.

Zhokov Boneyard (Zone 2F)

The Zhokov Boneyard is located in the south of the West sector, it features several warehouses, storage, and office buildings as well as a dilapidated gas station. The main feature of the zone is the dozens of airplane parts scattered around the boneyard with its central area called Scrapyard.

Verdansk Graveyard (Zone 2G)

The Verdansk Graveyard is surrounded by apartment complexes as well as warehouses and storage units. There are also a fire station, police station, gas station, pharmacy and a small bank located in the vicinity.

Torsk Bloc (Zone 2H)

The Torsk Bloc is a zone filled with tenement blocks next to a beech tree hill. The Bloc also features a Twin Apartment complex with a closed-off subway entrance between the two complexes. One can also find a Burger Town restaurant deserved by a footbridge linking Torsk Bloc with the Airplane Factory.


Verdansk84 Sector3 SouthWest WZ.png

The southwestern part of Verdansk is divided into five different zones, from A to E. This sector is dominated by the Verdansk Train Station and Hospital. Several promenades are also present in this sector with various housing buildings and stores. In the south of the sector, one can find the Grazna Novi Hills with another missile hatch located near the coastal line. A kart racing track can also be found in this sector on the western part.

Verdansk Train Station (Zone 3A)

The Train station is the center of the railroad system in western Verdansk. It features a main platform with a west and east platform. East of the station, a food hall and mall can be found.

Verdansk Hospital (Zone 3B)

The Verdansk Hospital is the main location of the zone, it's a large L-shaped building. A Burger Town restaurant can be found close to the hospital. A train tunnel can be found north of the hospital.

Barakett Promenade West (Zone 3C)

The Barakett Promenade West is located west of the Train Station. A small bank and several housing blocks can also be found within the Promenade. A gas station and fire station are located in the northern part of the Promenade while a Burger Town and a second gas station are located in the southern part while a park can be found in the center of the Promenade.

Barakett Promenade East (Zone 3D)

Unlike the west Promenade, the Promenade East mainly features apartments and housing blocks. The Promenade also features a school and library as well as a car showroom, gas station, and a small bank. A Ferris wheel can also be found in the eastern part of the zone.

Novi Grazna Hills (Zone 3E)

The Novi Grazna Hills is a massive zone located on the western coastline of Verdansk. It features various suburb houses and apartment blocks as well as a police station and a fire station. In the south, the Zozsni Hatch can be found while a kart racin track is located in the western part of the zone. A bunker can be found in the area.

Central & South

Verdansk84 Sector4 CentralSouth WZ.png

The central and southern sector of Verdansk is divided into five different zones, from A to E. This sector featured the heart of Verdansk, Tavorsk District, with its governmental, financial, entertainment, artistic and design districts as well as several housing buildings and hotels. This sector also featured a soccer arena and a large TV Station located north of Tavorsk. A park can also be found in the south which features a third missile hatch.

BCH TV Station (Zone 4A)

The BCH TV Station is a massive building for the Verdansk News Service which provided "a dedicated trust team" to the locals before it was temporarily shut down and the news reporters "forcefully disbanded".[1]. The Grazna Bridge can be found west of the TV Station, leading to the Verdansk Hospital and the western part of Verdansk.

Bloc 6 (Zone 4B)

The Bloc 6 is a small suburbia located between the Grazna Bridge in the north and the Great Bridge in the south. It features a Burger Town next to a gas station but also a small pharmacy and auxiliary bank. A restaurant is also featured in the center of the bloc with several other tenements and warehouses.

Verdansk Stadium (Zone 4C)

The Verdansk Soccer Arena is stadium located north of Tavorsk District. The arena is currently being demolished to build a brand new massive arena scheduled for summer 1990. A fire station can be found next to it and a small fuel storage warehouse is located north of the arena.

On May 10, 2021, the tarp in front of the stadium was removed revealing the 2020 Call of Duty League Championship Trophy won by the Dallas Empire team. In addition to the trophy, portraits of the players from Dallas Empire were added in front of the stadium.

Tavorsk District (Zone 4D)

Tavorsk District is the center of Verdansk and its most urban part. Locked between the Gora River in the west and the Karst River in the east, Tavorsk features many housing buildings and apartments including several hotels such as the Hotel Volodymyr or the Hotel of the Art District. In the north of Tavorsk, one can find a soccer pitch as well as a police station. The Art District features an art school and several clothing stores as well as a tall hotel. This district is dominating by the Verdansk Art Museum, a massive Brutalist concrete building.

On the west side, one can find the entertainment district with several stores, a pharmacy, and public toilets. The BCH1 Tower can also be found in this district. A small park can also be found in the area.

In the center of Tavorsk is located a rotunda which served as the Parliament of Verdansk. Next to it are the SKN Comm broadcast tower, whose construction is almost finished, a small Burger Town and the Bank of Verdansk also known as "Building 315". Two market gardens can be found east of the Parliament. North of the gardens is a roundabout with a small monument commemorating the lives of the soldiers who died during World War II.

Downtown Tower

During the 80s Action Heroes event, the SKN Tower and the surrounding buildings and stores in front of the Verdansk Parliament were replaced by the Nakatomi Tower from 1988 movie Die Hard. The first three floors of the tower were available and included lobby and reception. The Parking Garage of the tower was also available. From the third floor, players could ascend to the 30th floor. The 31st floor featured the Nakatomi Vault while the 32nd floor featured the server room. The 33rd and 34th floors featured gas lines and power equipment including a broken fan blade. The roof of the tower was also accessible.

Following the end of the event, the Nakatomi Tower remained in Tavorsk and was renamed Downtown Tower.

In the south part of Tavorsk, one can find a post office and other government buildings as well as the Verdansk Clinic and the Rothwynn-Donna Complex. The XK architect campus, several shops and stores mark the Design District. Other housing buildings as well as a police station and a fire station can be found.

Four bridges link Tavorsk with the rest of Verdansk. The Great Bridge in the north, the West Bridge in the west, the Gora Bridge in the south and the Tavorsk Bridge in the east, leading to the Port of Verdansk.

With Season Four, a satellite crash site was added on top of the Gora Bridge.

Tavorsk Park (Zone 4E)

The Varskaya Park[1] is a large park located south of Tavorsk District along the central coastline of Verdansk between the Gora and Karst rivers. It features a fountain with a small kiosk as well as a restaurant located in the center of a drained lake. The Styor Hatch can also be found within the park. Bunker 10 can be found in the area.


Verdansk84 Sector5 East WZ.png

The eastern part of Verdansk is divided into five different zones, from A to E. This sector features multiple farmlands which provided food for the city. A small rural village on the eastern side of the Karst River can be found in the north next to a lumber yard. The large port of Verdansk is located in the south. The coastline also features a massive castle turned into a prison complex.

Bloc 18 (Zone 5A)

The Bloc 18 is a small rural village located north of the eastern sector. The Road Bridge is located north of the village. The Bloc 18 also features a police station, fire station and a gas station. The Karst Bridge links the two side of Bloc 18. A rail bridge is also located next to the gas station. Three bunkers can be found in the area.

With Season Four, a satellite crash site was added near the Karst River next to Bloc 18.

Gorengard Lumber Yard (Zone 5B)

The lumberyard ran by the Gorengard company, is located north of the Krovnik Farmland. The lumber yard features a factory and several warehouses. The lumber yard also features a rail bridge. An iron bridge can be found in the northeast allowing people to cross a small gorge. A train station and a water tower are located next to the lumber yard. A construction can be seen next to the lumber yard as public workers were cementing the southern part of the Karst River.

Krovnik Farmland (Zone 5C)

The Krovnik Farmland is the largest zone of the East sector. It features several plowed fields with the largest one in the eastern part of the farmlands. Several cattle farms, barns, hay storages, and silos can also be found in the area. In the north of the farmlands are located three massive old wooden windmills. The Standoff Town Hall can be found south of the windmills and features a church repurposed into a public space next to cottages, silos and a gas station.

With Season Four, a satellite crash site was added in the plowed fields in the eastern part of Farmland.

Port of Verdansk (Zone 5D)

The City of Verdansk Port is a large port featured in the western part of the sector. It features many buildings and offices as well as massive cranes. The port is next to the Karst River with four massive metal flood gates separating the river from the Kastovian sea. Next to the port is the rail terminus which is the end of the eastern railroad.

Zordaya Prison Complex (Zone 5E)

The Zordaya Prison Complex is the largest landmark of the sector, located on the coastline. It started as a medieval castle before being turned into a prison complex for political prisoners and other criminals in the early 20th century with a Gulag control tower added in its center. Two graves can be found outside the prison by the Kastovian coastline. Bunker 09 can also be found in the area.



  • Verdansk is inspired by the Ukrainian city of Donetsk which was partially destroyed during the War in Donbas. Specifically, the airport is inspired by the Donetsk Airport and the modern-day stadium was inspired by the Donbass Arena. Furthermore, Verdansk is referred to as donetsk, dntsk or don in the Modern Warfare game files.
  • Verdansk features several easter-eggs and references to the original Modern Warfare trilogy as well as the Black Ops series with the release of Verdansk '84:
    • A slightly modified recreation of the Killhouse layout from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare can be found in Arklov Peak Military Base.
    • The BCH TV Station, later known as BCH4, is a reference to the TV Station featured in the campaign mission Charlie Don't Surf and multiplayer map Broadcast from Call of Duty 4.
    • A slightly modified version of Vacant from Call of Duty 4 can be found within the Port of Verdansk.
    • The swimming pool located south of the Storage Town is inspired by the Pripyat swimming pool featured in the Call of Duty 4 campaign mission One Shot, One Kill. The pool was redesigned with Verdansk '84 with all the damage fixed.
    • Several Burger Town (Бургер Град) restaurants from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 can be found throughout Verdansk.
    • The map Scrapyard from Modern Warfare 2 can be found within the Zhokov Boneyard.
    • The Zordaya Prison Complex featured in the south of Verdansk is based on the Petropavlovsk Gulag featured in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign mission, The Gulag.
    • Alongside a new version, several Teddy Bears from Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 can be found throughout Verdansk.
    • In modern-day Verdansk, the destroyed plane outside the Verdansk International Airport was a reference to the plane in the campaign mission Mile High Club in Call of Duty 4. The plane was owned by the "NVSFT Airlines", a reference to Neversoft which merged with Infinity Ward in 2014.
    • The Control Tower in Summit is a reference to the Soviet base encountered in the Call of Duty: Black Ops campaign mission WMD while the interior of the eastern facility is based on the multiplayer map Summit also from Black Ops.
    • A modified recreation of the Standoff map from Call of Duty: Black Ops II can be found in Krovnik Farmland.
    • A slightly modified recreation of Shipment can be found on a small soccer pitch north of Tavorsk District. It was added with 80s Action Heroes.
  • In a restroom of the Downtown Tower, a phone can be found with its screen displaying coordinates leading to Beenox studio in Québec.[2]
  • Portraits of Infinity Ward employees can be found throughout Verdansk in various buildings such as police stations, the Parliament or the Acropolis National Bank.
  • The nuclear explosion featured in the Black Ops Cold War Season Three cinematic could be seen in the far north of Verdansk' 84 between April 22nd and May 4th, 2021.
  • Several posters and boxes for a Rothwynn's 120GB console called "ACTIBASE" could be found throughout Tavorsk District in modern-day Verdansk. The posters featured a phrase that translated to "This is just the beginning" (Это только начало) with November 25, 2020, as the release date. This was a nod to Activision and the ninth generation of video game consoles with the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in late 2020.
  • There are several small areas outside the playable part of Verdansk that appear pixelated on the Tac Map.
  • A "S.O.S." sign spelt using plywood sections could be seen on the roof of one of the Torsk Bloc buildings in modern-day Verdansk
  • A map of Verdansk and a miniature model of the modern-day stadium could be seen in Pawn Takes Pawn.