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"Not all Ravenlords were heroes."
— Description

Verrotteter Rabe Camouflage is hidden and unlockable camouflage exclusive to Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies that was added as part of the Shamrock & Awe event on March 13th, 2018. Like the other two camouflages, it can be unlocked by donating 250 Jolts to four different four-leaf clovers hidden around the map, in this case being The Darkest Shore. There are a total of eight different locations a clover can spawn, with each location of the clovers being different each match.


  • On the beach, behind the MG 42 emplacement by Lebenblitz.
  • Along the fenceline overlooking the cliffs along the Bluffs.
  • On the stone stairs leading up to Bunker 3, behind a box on the ground.
  • To the right of the minecart entrance at Bunker 1.
  • In a bush between the M1 Garand weapon locker and the left of the Flak Cannon near Laufenblitz.
  • Inside the Artillery Bunker, in the bunk room containing the minecart power switch.
  • In a shrub next to a couple of barrels to the right of the Spike Trap activation switch outisde the Artillery Bunker.
  • In the U-Boat Pens, along the right-most wall after coming down the stairs leading into the pens.

Upon finding all four, a Leprechaun Zombie will appear. Killing it with a melee weapon will sometimes award the player 5,000 Jolts.

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