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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

"This is Vesta-3. Mining colony, provides us with all the raw materials we need to rebuild the fleet."
Nora Salter during the briefing of Operation Dark Quarry.

Vesta 3 (also styled as Vesta-3) is an asteroid featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It serves as a mining colony for the United Nations Space Alliance.


"SetDef ship came out of nowhere. BIG son of a bitch. Opened fire, knocked the asteroid off course."
Owens describing the attack on Vesta 3.

Vesta 3 was originally located in the Mercury Cluster in the orbit of Mercury, but after the Olympus Mons shot the asteroid out of its orbit as part of a plan to separate the Retribution and Tigris, it ended up causing the asteroid to constantly spin out of control, eventually becoming stuck in the orbit of the Sun. In order to cause more of a diversion, the SDF managed to hack into the security robots stationed at the mine, causing them to turn on the miners, slaughtering a majority of the miners present on the asteroid.

After losing communications with Vesta 3, the Retribution heads to its last known location in order to begin a search and rescue. After locating the asteroid in the Sun's Orbit, they locate a transponder signal being transmitted from the facility. With hope of there still being survivors, a SCAR/SATO Marine Team consisting of Commander Nick Reyes, Lieutenant Nora Salter, Staff Sergeant Usef Omar, Corporal Sean Brooks and Private First Class Todd Kashima were deployed from the Retribution to investigate the signal.

During their investigation, they discover from the security footage obtained by one of the miners that the Olympus Mons was spotted near the asteroid prior to the loss of communications. After locating several miners, the team is forced to hold out against waves of hacked UNSA robots as Salter arrives to extract them. However, one of the miners is shot from behind by one of the robots, causing Omar to try and save him. As the facility around them begins to fall apart, Omar tells the others to leave him behind, with Salter acknowledging this as the others refuse to leave him behind. While a handful of miners were rescued, the remaining miners on the asteroid, including Omar, were deemed deceased.

Following the operation at Vesta 3, SDF forces arrived at the remains of the asteroid in order to claim the metals that were mined from the asteroid. The metals however belonged to the UNSA, causing the Retribution to deploy a squadron of Jackals to destroy the SDF presence at the site and recover the metals. The SCAR team manages to successfully destroy the SDF squadron in the area, allowing recovery teams to secure the metals.

Known Miners[]