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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

"Diallo has served as a navigator of the UNSA Carrier Retribution under Captain Alder for over a decade. As navigator, his primary responsibility is to be aware of ship position at all times. Additional responsibilities include planning the journey and advising the captain of estimated accuracy to destinations in drop transit."
Captain's Log.

Victor "Gator" Diallo is a supporting character featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


Diallo was a navigator who served aboard the Retribution for over a decade. Shortly after the start of his next tour on board the carrier, his daughter Nissrine was born, and having already been deployed, was unable to meet her. Per UNSA protocol, he left behind a farewell message to his family, in the event that he was killed in action.

During the attack on Earth, the Retribution was not armed at the time. This proved devastating for the UNSA fleet when they were ambushed by the Olympus Mons, to which Gator under orders from then-Captain Alder, executed a desperate ramming technique on the Martian super-carrier. This attack, while forcing a retreat by the Mons, heavily damaged the UNSA carrier, with Captain Alder and the XO being killed in the attack. Shortly after the arrival of then-Lt. Reyes, he informs the stunned SCAR operative that per the chain of succession, he is the new captain of the Retribution.

With new orders from Admiral Raines, Diallo plotted a course for the Moon Gateway Port, despite the Retribution still under repairs. Proving his experience as the navigator, Diallo is narrowly able to avoid dropping out of FTL too early, with minor damages to the ship incurred in the process. With the assistance of the destroyer Tigris, the combined SATO forces are able to retake the Port, and intercept enemy information of troop location and formations.

During this time, largely due to Reyes's insistence at operating in the front with his men, Diallo was left in de-facto control of the Retribution, and continued serving him faithfully and efficiently.

During the events of Operation: Burn Water, Diallo is forced to abandon Reyes in the atmosphere of Saturn when the Retribution is ambushed by the Olympus Mons, quickly retreating to friendly space. However, thanks to the efforts of Tigris Captain Ferran, Reyes is narrowly recovered from the brink of death. Shortly after, the Retribution is deployed to investigate the disappearance of Vesta-3, and during the operation, he receives a distress call from the Tigris.

Deploying to its last known coordinates, the Retribution discovers the remains of the destroyer, and quickly intercepts a signal buoy left behind by Admiral Kotch. Despite Reyes's insistence to check for survivors, Diallo quickly affirms to him that there were none alive. Frustrated, Reyes initiates Operation: Black Flag, with plans to utilize the SDF sleeper agent Riah to lure the SDF fleet back to Earth, where they would be annihilated by the retaken AATIS guns.

Having determined that the Retribution has suffered too much damage, Reyes orders Diallo to take the carrier away to recuperate. However, as Riah is able to escape and destroy the AATIS guns, the operation goes awry and Reyes desperately orders the Retribution to make an in-atmosphere jump, hoping to take advantage of its EMP effects to disable the Mons. With the plan successful, Reyes, and his small team of Marines are able to board the SDF super-carrier and take the ship, killing Admiral Kotch in the process. It was also during this time that Diallo is able to eliminate the invading SDF fleet, and rejoin the now- captured Mons in Earth's atmosphere. With orders to remain behind on Earth awaiting Reyes's orders, Diallo prepares the carrier to jump to Mars, as the Mons destroys the Martian home-fleet.

Shortly after, Reyes orders Diallo to make the jump to Mars, but in the chaos of the fighting, the Retribution is quickly overwhelmed and disabled. With this, the carrier is quickly caught in Mars's gravity well, and unable to maneuver, it is struck by the Olympus Mons. Crashing into Mars, Diallo is able to avoid a rough collision, and with the assistance of XO Nora Salter and LTCDR MacCallum, they are able to quickly reorganize the survivors. At the request of Reyes, Diallo is ordered to join the remnants of the crew to make a last-ditch assault on the Martian orbital platform. However he is killed when he pushes Reyes out of the line of fire, getting himself shot multiple times by an SDF gunship.

He leaves behind his wife and a daughter that he has never met.


  • His daughter was born right after he signed on for another tour, missing her birth and eventually never meeting her due to his death.