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"Kill the rest! mine. See you in Hell."
— "Stitch" in the Season One ending cutscene

Vikhor Kuzmin, also known as "Stitch", is an operator for the Warsaw Pact faction featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone. Stitch was released as part of the Season One of content for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. He is the main antagonist in the Black Ops Storyline in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Born on August 14th, 1938 in Moscow, Vikhor Kuzmin graduated from the Faculty of Technology of Organic Substances and Pharmaceutical Chemistry of the Mendeleev Institute of Chemical Technology in 1959. He joined the Operations and Technology Directorate of the KGB the same year and was assigned to the Laboratory 12 R&D facility.

Six years later, Kuzmin was assigned to manage production facilities on Rebirth Island and reported directly to Colonel Lev Kravchenko. In 1968, Kuzmin was captured and interrogated by the CIA after a raid on the Rebirth Island facility. Interrogated by Russell Adler, Kuzmin lost an eye but divulged only his name and rank. He was retrieved by Kravchenko, who stripped him of his rank for failing to repel the CIA operation and sent him to the Petropavlovsk Gulag.

Two years after arriving in the gulag, Kuzmin was contacted by Perseus, who found him a broken man questioning his loyalties to a state that had betrayed him. Driven by a hatred for Adler and Kravchenko, Kuzmin was receptive to Perseus' vision of Greater Russia. His first-hand knowledge of Nova 6 was deemed invaluable in achieving Perseus' goals.

In 1976, a small team of operatives launched an attack on the prison leaving many guards and prisoners dead. In the aftermath, Kuzmin was reported missing. After breaking free from the gulag, Kuzmin continued to work with Perseus, making use of his Project Nova knowledge.

Vowing revenge on Adler, Kuzmin leads a small team of Perseus soldiers to raid a CIA safehouse in West Berlin, Germany. There, he leaves a flyer for Adler to later find, leading him to the Mall at the Pines in New Jersey. On January 21, 1984, Adler conducts an operation at the mall, where he discovers Nova 6 being manufactured and stored. Just as this discovery is made, Kuzmin’s soldiers reveal themselves from their hiding places, cornering Adler's team in a standoff. Kuzmin himself appears from within an elevator and commands his soldiers to kill everyone except for Adler, who he plans on handling personally. A gunfight emerges in the mall, and Adler is captured by Stitch and transported away by helicopter.

Three months later, on April 19, 1984, a rescue team led by Frank Woods arrived in Laos in an attempt to find Adler. Naga, another Perseus operative, informed Stitch that Adler was secure and headed to him in Verdansk. Stitch then ordered Naga to make the team believed they cared about their Nova 6 supply lines.

Personalization[edit | edit source]

Skins[edit | edit source]

Name Image Rarity How to obtain
Redacted Stitch Icon BOCW.png Legendary Unlocked at Tier 0 of Season One Battle Pass
Spectre Stitch Specter BOCW.png Legendary Operator Mission
Storm Diver Stitch StormDiver BOCW.png Legendary Operator Mission
Siberian Ghost Stitch SiberianGhost BOCW.png Legendary Operator Mission
Toxic Terror Stitch ToxicTerror BOCW.png Legendary Operator Mission
Prisoner Stitch Prisoner BOCW.png Legendary Unlocked at Tier 100 of Season One Battle Pass
New Warden Stitch New Warden BOCW.png Legendary Operator Mission
Stripes Stitch Stripes BOCW.png Legendary Operator Mission

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Stitch's blood type is B+.
  • Stitch heavily resembles the villain Bane and his design from the film The Dark Knight Rises. This is reflected in the Battle Pass render for the "Redacted" skin, resembling an iconic pose by the character, as well as his "Prisoner" skin appearing physically similar to Bane.
  • On the evidence board in the CIA safehouse shown in the Season One intro cinematic, Stitch's picture is seen on a King of Spades playing card.
    • Fittingly, a King of Spades in cartomancy is used to describe "a widower, a man in anger or difficulty, and one given to inebriety". It also represents "a wicked man, and, through induction, wickedness".
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