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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
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"Our contact was a man named Volk! We never met Makarov!"
Waraabe to Captain Price in "Return to Sender".

Viktor "Volk" Khristenko (Russian: Виктор "Вoлк" Христéнко) is a Russian terrorist and the secondary antagonist in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.


According to his bio in the beginning of "Bag and Drag", Volk was born in the town of Dubovka with an unknown past. He is said to be Makarov's chemical bomb maker and is the apparent founder and CEO of a shipping corporation known as Fregata Industries, which he used as a front for constructing and delivering Makarov's chemical weapons to various European capitals to terrorize Europe. Volk personally oversaw the delivery of the weapons in Paris, France; taking refuge in the catacombs under the city during the weapons activation and the following Russian invasion of Europe.

Capturing Volk

During the Battle for Paris, Volk was pursued by Delta Force and GIGN operatives acting on a tip given by John Price of the dissolved Task Force 141 (who learned about Volk's association with Makarov after interrogating the Somalian warlord Waraabe). Volk was eventually located in the underground by the special forces operatives but managed to flee to the street level where he tried to escape in a car driven by Russian soldiers.

Delta Force pursued him in a police van and after a lengthy chase managed to shoot out his back tires, then violently pin his vehicle to a garbage container with the van. His personal bodyguards were killed during the crash by Delta Force operator Derek "Frost" Westbrook while Volk himself was pulled from the wreckage by Sandman, commanding officer of Delta Force Team Metal.

Extraction From Paris

The unit forcefully dragged him with them as they fled across Paris. A large force of Russians tried to recover Volk from U.S. captivity. Their attempts ultimately failed and Volk was flown from Paris into United States to be interrogated for information on Makarov, eventually revealing to them Makarov's upcoming meeting with his top advisers in Prague.



  • During the cutscene for "Iron Lady", a small dossier of Volk is shown saying his full name is "Maxim Volk" instead.

Volk's alternate name.

  • In the cutscene for "Bag and Drag", Volk is stated to weigh 14 stones (196 pounds) and has a heavy build. He also has brown hair and green eyes.
  • His concept art features him having more hair and a beard, but in the final version, he is nearly bald and has no other facial features.
  • He fires his Desert Eagle fully automatically.