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Viktor: "I've waited a long time for this."
Makarov: "Haven't we all."
— Viktor and Makarov

Viktor (Russian: Виктор) was one of Makarov's henchmen in the mission "No Russian". He was involved in the attack at Zakhaev International Airport. Of the assault team, only he and Makarov survived. He's also a member of Makarov's Inner Circle. He was discovered dead in "Exodus", where his body was found by the Rangers. He is the tertiary antagonist in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.


Viktor was one of the members of Vladimir Makarov's Inner Circle, taking part in the Zakhaev Airport Massacre alongside Lev, Kiril, Makarov, and Joseph "Alexei Borodin" Allen. He was the only one besides Makarov to have survived, as Lev and Kiril were killed by the FSB and Allen was executed by Makarov during their evacuation.

Viktor later participated in the Russian invasion of the United States, where he fought in Virginia. He was killed by the HVI at 4677 Brookmere Road in Virginia in his panic room, but the other Russian soldier managed to kill the HVI before he could escape. Shepherd sent Sgt. Foley and his squad to rescue the HVI, but found Viktor and the HVI dead, and the final soldier searching the fridge. The US Rangers knew that he was high-ranking because of his unusual tattoos.



  • Even though he is meant to be Russian, he speaks with an American accent
  • In the Museum level, rarely, when he pulls out his sidearm, and if the player kills him, he drops Akimbo M9's.
  • Viktor can be briefly seen in Yuri's "No Russian" flashback when Makarov's troops were shooting civilians.
  • The tattoos that can be seen around his neck include a topless woman.