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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

For the multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Black Ops, see Firing Range.

The Virtual Firing Range is a Create-A-Class feature in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that allows the player to practice hitting targets on a firing range, similar to that of the firing range included in the mission "Atlas". There are eight "stations", or "lanes", the player can go to for more challenging experiences. There is also a stopwatch at the top showing the amount of seconds elapsed when in one of the lanes.


  • Lane 1 is a basic and quick test to get players used to each gun. There are 3 rounds of targets: Wave One has three, Wave Two has five including a moving target, and on the last wave all five are moving targets, however four of them will peek in and out of cover.
  • Lane 2 is a slightly more difficult than Lane 1, with more moving targets and slightly more complex moving patterns.
  • Lane 3 has a single target that will perform exo-jumps, along with a few other basic ground moving targets.
  • Lane 4 has a mix of CQB and long range targets. The first few are just within Shotgun effective range (If Advanced Rifling is equipped) and the last few are placed at the back of the range, where anything but a Shotgun can take them out. There is also multiple groups that appear, allowing practice with explosive weapons.
  • Lane 5 is a two-tiered 'Building Sim' with the ground floor being covered by multiple columns/pillars and an open top floor where targets may occasionally jump up to or move around.
  • Lane 6 sees the introduction of Exo-simulated targets that will 'jump' around and move with a more varied pattern.
  • Lane 7 is a station littered with virtual buildings and cover along with rapidly moving targets for an advanced skill test.
  • Lane 8 is always a 'Shooting Range' target, to let players practice recoil management patterns among others skills, the target can be moved from 1 to 27 meters.

On the left on each station window, there is a computer that has multiple statistics, including: number of shots fired, accuracy, and number of bullets that hit targets.


  • When the player has 25% of maximum ammo remaining for their weapon or less, the game will fully replenish it. Some weapons such as the Stinger M7 and the MAAWS have this trait upon spawning in standard multiplayer, so the player directly gets full ammunition for them when entering the firing range. The player's Exo Launcher will also replenish after a few seconds once used. However, Exo Abilities don't recharge when their battery is depleted.
  • The player has God mode active while in the range.
  • It is possible to get greater than 100% accuracy by using explosives and certain Tactical Grenades.