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Vivian Harris (also known as B.A.T. Agent) is an unlockable character within Call of Duty: WWII Zombies along with being a notable part of the story. Prior to the events of The Frozen Dawn, she is sent originally to secure the package after Raven squad went missing, however after she has both obtained the Sword and learned of Raven squad new plan, she contacts Hank Rideau to alert him that she will be going after Raven squad to give them the sword, much to the dismay and anger of Hank.

However, during her journey to the ancient city of Thule, the Sword itself starts to corrupt her mind. This leads to her beating Raven Squad into the God-King's Citadel, thrusting the Sword into his heart and reawakening the ancient evil to which Vivian is grabbed by the God-King and thrown into the ground, killing her.

She can be unlocked by completing the hidden challenge set in the map The Final Reich, being the "On Assignment" challenge set. Where in after she can be played under the name of B.A.T. Agent.


  • Seasoned - Survive Wave 25 in The Final Reich. (Survive).
  • See You at the Party - Defeat the Panzermörder in The Final Reich. (Rest in pieces.)
  • Cooking with Gas - Unlock the Ubersprengen in The Final Reich. (Power up.)
  • Lightning Fast - Assemble the Tesla Gun by Wave 6 in The Final Reich. ("Oh, I know this part!")
  • Did You See That...? - Kill a Treasure Zombie in The Final Reich. ("After that... thing!")

Call of Duty: Mobile

Vivian Harris appears in her B.A.T Agent skin, although with a different appearance, as a character in Call of Duty: Mobile as part of Season 9, being available via the Covert Crates.

Harris as she appears in CoD Mobile.