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The Whirlwind EF-5 is one of the four upgraded crossbows. When fired it has a similar effect to the thundergun, and one of the most powerful bows.

How to Obtain[]

First, the player will need to pick up the wooden deer located randomly around the map, then head over to the rec area to put it on one of the speakers. 

Second, the player will need to use a weapon to shoot zombies (not killing them) but damaging them almost to near death. This will cause them to explode in a red mist. After about 10-15 zombies, the wooden deer will be able to be picked up.

Third, head over to one of two statue locations:

On the edge of the dock by Trail Blazers, heading up to the Mess Hall

Right beside the gazebo above the lake

Once there, the player must place down the deer. The player must now kill about 20 zombies with the Vlad near the big statues. Killing zombies at any of the two statues will count towards the bow. After enough zombies are killed the deer statue will be interactable. Hold Square/X to upgrade to the Whirlwind EF-5.