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"Automatic rifle with moderate fire rate and high recoil."
— Description

The Volkssturmgewehr is an automatic rifle that is featured in Call of Duty: WWII. It was added to the game with The Resistance event on January 23rd, 2018.


The base variant of the Volkssturmgewehr is unlocked by activating the Volkssturmgewehr special order from Major Howard in the Headquarters and play a total of fifty matches, whether or not the player wins or loses. After redeeming the order, the player will receive the base Volkssturmgewehr. One of the unlockable variants, the Resistor, can be unlocked by completing the Resistor collection in the Collections tab of the Quartermaster, while the other variants can be obtained via supply drops.

The Volkssturmgewehr is quite similar to the STG44. Compared to the STG44, the Volksturmgewehr has weaker handling traits. It has slightly slower sprint-out time and ADS time than the STG44, with slightly more recoil. However, the recoil is almost purely vertical and with even decent fire control the Volkssturmgewehr is incredibly accurate. Where the Volkssturmgewehr soars ahead of the STG44 is time to kill. It has the same damage and range as the STG44, but with a higher fire rate, leading to a noticeably faster killing weapon.

Attachment choices, as usual, depend on one's playstyle, but the Volk's slightly slower ADS time makes the Quickdraw Handle a worthy addition. A Grip will further reduce recoil for an incredibly accurate weapon. Extended Mags will increase capacity to 45 rounds, the same as the STG44 but still far above the other rifles. Another solid choice is Steady Aim, as the Volkssturmgewehr is tied with the BAR and FG 42 for the worst hipfire spread in class.

Nazi ZombiesEdit

The Volkssturmgewehr was added to the Mystery Box in the Prologue, The Final ReichGröesten HausThe Darkest Shore, and The Shadowed Throne. Interestingly enough, the base Volkssturmgewehr obtained from the Headquarters special order has a different model in Zombies, having an appearance similar to the Defiance variant.

When upgraded via the Ubersprengen, it becomes the People's Storm, gaining increased damage, a larger magazine size, and more reserve ammunition.

Volkssturmgewehr vs. People's StormEdit

Volkssturmgewehr People's Storm
Volkssturmgewehr WWII People's Storm WWII
Fire mode Automatic Automatic
Magazine size 30 50
Max ammo 30+210 50+500
Mobility Medium Medium
Extras Extended Mag, higher damage, more reserve ammunition.



Name Rarity How to Obtain Zombie Perks Notes
Resistor Epic Completing the Volkssturmgewehr - Resistor Collection. N/A Awards 10% extra XP.
Defiance Epic Supply Drop N/A Awards 10% extra XP.
The Goat II Heroic Supply Drop N/A Awards 15% extra XP, contains a unique inspect animation.
Volkssturmgewehr Rare Completing the Volkssturmgewehr special order in the Headquarters. N/A Not obtainable from Supply Drops.


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