The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty 2.

Vossenack is a map set in Germany. It came with the bonus map pack DLC for Call of Duty 2 for the Xbox 360.


It is a relatively small map and favours the use of rifles. However, the MP44 and Thompson are also useful for mid to long range shooting.

There is a destroyed bunker in the middle of the level that can be used by players who favour shotguns, as it offers plenty of opportunities to hide in corners. At one end there is a barn structure that cannot be entered which has a bridge in front of it that can be used as makeshift cover when under fire. There is a hill that players can snipe from at the opposite end of the map, however it is rather accessible and snipers usually don't stay on it for long before other players figure out where they are hiding.


Most players prefer to use rifles or machine guns on this level, if sniping, the usual places to hide are ontop of the aforementioned hill, and ontop of a pillbox style structure which is located infront of the hill. If using a machine gun, players generally tend to move around the edges of the map, picking off snipers and unweary players as they move forwards, going through the destroyed bunker is also a valid tactic as it allows players to move forwards without exposing themselves to the enemy.

When playing any team-based match types (such as Capture the Flag) players often use machine guns more, as they provide the players with methods of taking the enemy down from both close and long range, while still offering them a decent amount of maneuverability. Heavy machineguns (such as the BAR and MP44) are generally frowned upon as they do not allow as much maneuverability as the other weapons.


When playing on Vossenack, players will be on one of two teams, American or German, neither team has a specific vantage in terms of spawn points, as there is generally enough cover provided wherever the player spawns (unless it is in the middle area of the map).


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