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"Four intrepid adventurers board the RMS Titanic to pull off a daring heist involving a mysterious artifact. Little do Scarlett Rhodes, Diego Necalli, Bruno Delacroix and Stanton Shaw suspect that a giant iceberg will be the least of their problems..."
— Mission Briefing

Voyage of Despair is the first Zombies map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and the twenty-fifth map overall. Chronologically, it is the second map in the Chaos story. The map is set on the RMS Titanic, after an attempt to steal an ancient artifact known as the Sentinel Artifact goes wrong. This map also introduces three new enemies; the Catalyst, Stoker, and Blightfather.


Voyage of Despair is a large map, set mostly on the upper decks and a few lower decks aboard the RMS Titanic. When players spawn in on the ship's forecastle, the ship will be in the process of striking a large iceberg, causing the ship to eventually stop moving and begin to slightly tip forward. Players will then be able to navigate to the stern of the ship, where the Sentinel Artifact can be found. Interacting with it will summon the four Pack-a-Punch altars and open up more areas within the ship that were previously inaccessible. Areas such as the Cargo Hold and the Engine/Turbine/Boiler Rooms will be flooded with water, although the water in those areas can be drained by interacting with a valve found in the rooms.

Similarly to Shadows of Evil from Call of Duty: Black Ops III, this map includes several portals in which allow the player to warp to certain points on the map. In this case, from the bow of the ship all the way to the stern of the ship. For a brief moment while using this portal, while the scripted animation is playing, the player can choose to land on the center of the ship.



Starting Weapons
Special Weapons
Off-Wall Weapons
Mystery Box


Intro Cutscene


The scene opens with a server holding a tray of wine glasses as jazz music plays in the background. As he passes by, a couple of people take some of the glasses one by one.

Bruno Delacroix (voice over): Lady McKendrick may be of a higher class than you are *used to* mixing with, huh?

As the server passes by with one last glass, Diego Necalli takes it while having a short conversation with a woman.

Diego Necalli (voice over): Ah Bruno, my French friend... the lady will be so lost in my eyes and enthralled in my tales, she will not even notice when I make my move.

Diego and the woman hug, with Diego reaching down into her open purse, where he takes a key unnoticed. He then performs a bow, to which he slips the key into a plant.

Stanton Shaw (voice over): T-T-T-Timing as always, is everything.

Shaw walks near the two with a stopwatch in his hand, stopping by the plant. As Diego leaves with the woman, he nods to Shaw, who nods back to him. As Shaw looks away, Bruno approaches.

Shaw (voice over): While you and... er... Lady McBlahBlah, head off to do whatever it is that you're going to do...

As Shaw nods to Bruno, he puts away his stopwatch and follows him, but not before grabbing the key Diego hid.

Bruno (voice over): Shaw will collect the key...

Shaw (voice over): Allowing us, access, to the millionaire suite.

The scene cuts to Shaw using the key to unlock a door.

Bruno (voice over): Where we will deal with any... unwanted guests.

As the two enter the room, a man turns the corner in front of them.

Diego (voice over): When you say "deal with", I have to ask... how?

Bruno brutally punches the man, causing him to fling into the side of the doorway, knocking him out cold. Another man enters the room.

Bruno (voice over): I will launch a, how you say... charm offensive.

The man attempts to punch Bruno, only for the latter to grab the man's fist with his hand. Shaw watches on as he prepares a small device containing a blue liquid within it.

Diego (voice over): Okay... I'm with you so far, but what did you call the... "pipe things" you are looking for?

Shaw places his grenade in the tube. Upon closing it, Bruno finishes knocking the man unconscious as Shaw looks at his stopwatch again.

Shaw (voice over): Ah, pneumatic tubes. Used for the conveyance of small packages throughout the vessel. They will carry our "surprise" down to the cargo room.

The device lands in the cargo room, where a guard spots it.

Shaw (voice over): It really should be quite... exciting!

As the guard approaches the device, it detonates, releasing a blue gas that knocks the man out.

Diego (voice over): Hm... and after the detonation?

Scarlett Rhodes enters the room, using her bandana as a gas mask.

Scarlett (voice over): That's where I come in.

As the gas dissipates, Scarlett lowers her bandana and looks towards a safe.

Diego (voice over): Given that the artifact will be securely locked within the safe, dare I ask how you plan to get through two inches of solid steel?

Scarlett (voice over): I've got just the thing.

Scarlett walks over to the safe, where she places a device on the door of the safe, which proceeds to crack open the safe's combination.

Scarlett (voice over): A mechanism of my own invention.

Diego (voice over): What does it do?

Scarlett (voice over): It opens things...

The scene switches over to a man wearing a hooded cloak in a small dark room, complete with lit up candles. As the camera passes by, it reveals pictures of the four characters, as well as a key around Scarlett's neck circled in red ink.

Shaw (voice over): Now, obviously your father made some enemies during his travels.

Scarlett (voice over): That's a pretty big understatement.

Diego (voice over): If I may interject, I think you were about to ask if Ms. Rhodes expected us to encounter any opposition.

As a glowing red spot on the man's forehead disappears, the man lifts off his hood, revealing his face. As he gets up, he shakes the rest of his cloak off of his shoulders.

Scarlett (voice over): It's possible. Likely even.

The man exits his room as the scene switches back to Scarlett, who has just opened the safe's door.

Bruno (voice over): What of the other valuables, are we to secure them also?

Scarlett (voice over): Just the artifact. We're not thieves.

Bruno (voice over): What are we then?

Scarlett (voice over): All that stands between humanity and the forces of evil.

As Scarlett takes the artifact from the safe and inspects it, the man suddenly appears and grabs the artifact from her hand. He then grabs the key around Scarlett's neck, with Scarlett kicking him back. However, this allows the man to rip it off from her necklace. As Scarlett looks where the key used to be on her necklace, the man attempts to escape, only to be stopped by Diego, who holds him as knifepoint. The man turns around, only for Shaw to appear from behind a stack of boxes with a Webley. As he attempts to run again, Bruno appears, effectively cornering him. With no other choice, the man inserts the key into the top of the artifact, causing a yellow energy bubble to surround the group. As the artifact breaks apart and releases dark clouds, the man laughs ominously as the clouds pass by the four characters. Suddenly, Scarlett grabs the man's shoulder and punches him in the face, causing him to pass through the energy bubble. As he lands on the ground, he slowly turns into a zombie. The dark clouds soon leave the cargo room and infects the rest of the ship, turning the people onboard into zombies.

The scene comes back with several zombies running through a hallway. The four characters then fight off the zombies throughout different parts of the ship, eventually ending up on the upper deck of the ship together. As the sound of a bell rings in the background, an iceberg appears in the distance. As the camera pans out, a personal flotation device is seen, revealing that the characters are onboard the RMS Titanic as the cutscene ends.

Outro Cutscene


Zombies are seen shambling around, being transformed back to normal. The Mystery Box is also shown, turning back into people as well. A man is shown dead on the floor as Scarlett, Shaw, Bruno and Diego walk through the room. They see a glowing blue gateway. Suddenly, pipes start bursting, causing the ship to shake. Scarlett, Diego, and Bruno run while Shaw watches the gateway start to disappear. Bruno pushes Shaw towards the others as the room starts to flood. The four are shown running on the deck of the ship, along with panicking passengers. They reach a lifeboat as the screen fades to black.

The scene returns with the RMS Titanic shown sinking in the background and multiple lifeboats in the ocean. Scarlett, Shaw, Diego, and Bruno are in one of the lifeboats.

Scarlett: It all just went how it was before. No one will ever know.

Shaw: That...apparition. I've seen it before, I know where it is.

Diego: Is it somewhere you've been?

Shaw: Ah, no. Only in books...but I do know its location. Uh, Greece. Delphi, to be specific.

Scarlett: Then that's where we're going next. If the bad guys are there, there's a good chance my father is too.

Bruno is shown with a red glow on his forehead. He lifts up a lantern, covering his face. The screen fades to white.


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  • The captain of the RMS Titanic, Edward Smith, can be seen being transformed into a zombie during the intro cutscene.