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"It looks like a long, stiff hard, golden rod."
Edward Richtofen

The Vril Device, also known as the Golden Rod, Vril Generator, or V-Device, is an item used in the Original Characters Trapped easter egg in Call of the Dead, it's used in Richtofen's Grand Scheme on Moon, and also appears in Der Eisendrache during the map's easter egg My Brother's Keeper, appears in a drawing in Classified and makes a final appearance in Tag der Toten.

In Call of the Dead, when Richtofen receives it, Richtofen talks about controlling the world. The characters will then teleport to Shangri-La. The Vril Device can be seen in the player's inventory while playing as Richtofen in Shangri-La if the easter egg in Call of the Dead has been completed. Richtofen later merges the Vril Device with the Focusing Stone on Moon, and charge it by putting it into a Casimir Mechanism device and interacting with a computer. This allows Richtofen insert it into a special outline in the M.P.D, which puts his soul in Samantha Maxis's body, and puts Samantha's soul in Richtofen's body, allowing Richtofen to control the Aether.

The Vril Device can also be seen in the ending cutscene of Origins, where it is found in Samantha's room within the house. In Der Eisendrache, during the easter egg My Brother's Keeper, the device falls from the rocket containing the Dempsey test subject cryo-chamber. It is inserted in a tomb, making a ghost Keeper appear, who in return, brings the M.P.D. from the Moon to the castle.

In Classified, it can be seen as a drawing made by Samantha, near an oval shaped item, the words "the way through" and a spirally tower. In Tag der Toten, it can be found in a safe in Richtofen's lab that is unlocked with a key hidden in an icicle near the Lighthouse. When the safe is unlocked, it can be charged by killing zombies near it until it glows green, and then brought to the Hermit in exchange for a key unlocking a chest containing the Wunderwaffe DG-Scharfschütze.



  • Once the player has received the Focusing Stone in Shangri-La, the two are merged.
  • The Vril Device is very similar to the Vril staves that appear in the book "Vril, the Power of the Coming Race", a 1871 science-fiction novel.
  • In Der Eisendrache, on top of the tomb used in the easter egg lays a book under the title "Mysteries of the Vril".
  • Its design is similar to that of a Vajra, a ritualistic weapon used in Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.
  • In its appearance in the Classified drawing, it is implied that the Vril Device was originally meant to fulfill the role in the story that the Agarthan Device eventually fulfills, as the drawing states that the Vril Device is "The Way Through".