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"It looks like a long, stiff hard, golden rod."
Edward Richtofen

The Vril Device, also known as the Golden Rod, Vril Generator, or V-Device, is an item used in the Original Characters Trapped easter egg in Call of the Dead, it's used in Richtofen's Grand Scheme on Moon, and also appears in Der Eisendrache during the map's easter egg My Brother's Keeper and makes a final appearance in Tag der Toten.

In Call of the Dead, when Richtofen receives it, Richtofen talks about controlling the world. The characters will then teleport to Shangri-La. The Vril Device can be seen in the player's inventory while playing as Richtofen in Shangri-La if the easter egg in Call of the Dead has been completed. Richtofen later merges the Vril Device with the Focusing Stone on Moon, and then uses it to swap bodies between Samantha Maxis. The Vril Device can also be seen in the end cutscene in Origins, where it is found within Samantha's room. In Der Eisendrache, it is required to revive a deceased Keeper from his tomb, who in return, brings the M.P.D. from the Moon to Earth.



  • Once the player has received the Focusing Stone in Shangri-La, the two are merged together.
  • An outline of the Vril Device appears on the crest at the base of the black pyramid in Moon. It serves a purpose in releasing Samantha Maxis from the Pyramid.
  • The Vril Device is very similar to the Vril staves that appear in the book "Vril, the Power of the Coming Race", a 1871 science-fiction novel.
  • Its design is similar to that of a Vajra.
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