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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

"They said I needed 3 things. The blood of an Elder God, an Elemental Shard, and a metallic vessel to harness and carry both. To find the blood, they instructed me to travel to the bottom of the ocean. I told them this I could not do, for I would perish. To craft an Elemental Shard, they instructed me to forge four souls with a blue rock from our mine. I told them this I could not do for I did not have the means to siphon a human soul to an element. But a metal vessel, well, I am a blacksmith. That? That I think I could manage."
— Jebediah Brown

The Vril Vessel, also known as the Vessel of the Keepers is an item featured in the Aether story of Treyarch's Zombies mode. The Vril Vessel appears on the map Tag der Toten from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.


The Seal of Duality

The Vril Vessel is the first part of the fabled Seal of Duality, an artifact of ultimate power, and as such was sought out by both the Keepers and the Apothicons. However, it was not initially built and the parts had to be gathered.


The Vril Vessel would come to be constructed by an American Western blacksmith named Jebediah Brown under the guidance of two Keepers, or as they revealed themselves to Jebediah, "Angels". While Jebediah succeeded in crafting the Vril Vessel, he was unable to gather the other two pieces of the Agarthan Device as he had no access to an Apothicon Elder God to retrieve their Apothicon Blood from, and no access to souls to infuse into a piece of Element 115 into the Elemental Shard.

Group 935

The artifact would later be recovered by Group 935 in Angola after the temporal transportation of Purgatory Point, the town that the Vessel was crafted in alongside other artifacts (including the schematics of the Vessel). Edward Richtofen would keep the Vessel for himself, intending to create the Agarthan Device as a backup if his plan to control the Aether.

Broken Arrow

At some point, Cornellius Pernell learned of the Agarthan Device and intended to gather all of the parts - including the Vril Vessel. While Pernell managed to get the Elemental Shard, he was unable to get his hands on the Elder God Blood and Vril Vessel.

The Agarthan Device

After the cycle was broken, Victis, who was frozen underneath Alcatraz was sent to Siberia in order to craft the Agarthan Device. With the help of Pablo Marinus and the Apothicon Elder God Blood aborad the Tugarin, the Vril Vessel was located in the facility and used as the base of the Agarthan Device.


The Vril Vessel in design is extremely similar to that of the Vril Device, as both were constructed by Jebediah Brown under the guidance of the Keepers. On the Vessel, there is a Keeper inscription "Mirhomolak Mirroc la Korgra" (Keeper for Hold Captive Light and Shadow), referring to the Agarthan Device's ability to resolve the duality between the Keepers and the Apothicons, to hold both "light" and "shadow" captive.