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"A man's whole life is nothing but one moment after another. For Wade Jackson, each moment is a chance to win the fight. To beat the odds. To save the day. Never ask Wade what he's gonna do next... 'cause he's already doing it."
Carver Butcher

Lieutenant Wade Jackson is one of the four playable protagonists and Operator featured in Call of Duty: Vanguard.


A product of New York, pilot Wade Jackson is more at home in the sky than he is on the ground… And he is adamant on doing all his own stunts, even if the mission does not call for it.

Growing up in Brooklyn as a first-generation American, Jackson is a rebel who often finds himself first to a fight, especially if it’s about respect for his family. Bright, yet not engaged with traditional schooling, Jackson discovered his love for speed at the age of 16 through an afterschool repair club. He and his friends often took the vehicles at the shop for joyrides on the newly opened Interboro Parkway, where he would be the only daredevil able to tame the road’s dangerous curves at high speeds.

His newfound rigor for adrenaline paid off after high school, when he was accepted into the Navy’s enlisted aviation cadet program and earned his pilot’s wings in a dive bomber. Since then, he has become a true force in the Pacific.

Charismatic and enthusiastic, Wade enjoys a challenge and relishes the prospect of showing off his natural talents in the spotlight to prove he’s the best. He is egotistical and considers himself special, believing he can fix every problem through bold action.

As the daring hotshot of the group, Wade would rather be a lone wolf, but welcomes competent team members if they don’t get in his way of all his stunts and tricks.


Battle of Midway

He was the pilot of his fighter bomber S-17, with Mateo Hernandez serving as his tail gunner. At Midway, they were tasked with defending the American fleet against Japanese airplanes. They defended the squadron from many Zeroes and took down an aircraft carrier. A retaliation strike by the Japanese Zeroes resulted in a shortage of dive bombers. Nevertheless, Wade and Mateo volunteered to do another run and successfully sunk the 2nd aircraft carrier, declaring victory.[1]

Numa Numa Trail

A few months after Midway, the duo chased and destroyed more Zeroes, only to run afoul of the Japanese defenses in Bougainville. They were shot down, but survived the crash. With their plane destroyed, Mateo patched up an injured Wade before going to scout ahead. When Mateo did not return, Wade went to look for him as a Japanese patrol investigated the crash. Making his way through the jungle, he evaded Japanese troops, killing isolated ones, while searching for his partner and attempting to signal for help. He successfully found him, but was captured by the Japanese forces that were patrolling and scouting the area.

In the Japanese camp, the officer in charge ordered his subordinate to ask Wade if he spoke their language. Before Wade could answer, he and Mateo were rescued by men of the 93rd Infantry Division, an all-African-American unit under the command of James "Booker" Washington. Having no choice but to help, the pilots fought alongside the squad. Coming to a bridge, Booker ordered Marvin Pelfrey to draw out the sniper on the other side while the rest of the group made a run for cover. Wade himself eliminated the Japanese sniper, and continued towards a ridge, losing Lenny to another ambush along the way. Arriving at a barbed wire emplacement, he crawled alongside Howard, the group's flamethrower operator, and helped him get unstuck from the wire, only for Howard to be shot and incapacitated by enemy fire. He took the flamethrower voluntarily from Booker, burning the pillbox and any Japanese soldier he came across. They then arrived at their objective: Several Japanese gun emplacements overlooking the airfield.

The group neutralized the emplacements and regrouped with the tanks. Discovering an Aichi D3A dive bomber in the hangar, Wade protected the squad with a machine gun while they pushed the plane to the runway. He gave the gun back to the squad and flew away. He then flew to a place the 93rd were also attacking. The soldiers of the 93rd ducked down when they saw Wade's plane, assuming it was Japanese air reinforcements. Wade then bombed a position the Japanese were holed up in, where the soldiers courageously charged towards after realizing it was an Allied plane. Wade, as he saw the 93rd, saluted in respect as Booker did the same, and left the area.[2]

Operation Watchtower and Joining Task Force Vanguard

While relaxing at the British Solomon Islands in 1944, Wade and Mateo are having an argument over the former's recklessness while he complains of the ruined paint job on their plane. During this, they look up to the sky and see a plane over their location. The both of them then realize that the plane is about to crash and then run for cover. From behind a bush, they witness a British man exit the plane unscathed, calling out for Wade. Both he and Mateo then point their guns at him, demanding to know who he was. He introduces himself as Carver Butcher, stating that he needs "the best pilot in this goddamn war" to help him win it. Wade is flustered by the offer, but upon realizing that he would not be world-famous for his actions, he immediately denies the offer. When Butcher starts to have second thoughts about recruiting Wade, seeing as there were "other pilots," he tries to frantically regain Butcher's trust before Mateo steps in and convinces him of Wade's capabilities himself. They then leave the island on his plane, where Wade is irritated by Butcher calling out the plane's ruined paint.[3]


Under the command of Arthur Kingsley, Task Force Vanguard invaded a train going into Hamburg looking for files pertaining to Project Phoenix. Jackson is suspicious of Kingsley at this point, fueled by Lucas Riggs, but Kingsley explains that what information they had was too little and that they were there to find out more on "Phoenix". When the raid goes south, Wade is the only member of the task force to escape capture.[4] After he learns about his team's capture, Wade realized that any attempt to break the team out by himself would be futile, so he borrowed a bomb from Soviet forces and loaded it onto his plane before allowing himself to be captured. He is interrogated and tortured by Jannick Richter, who eventually throws him back into the cell with his teammates. Unfortunately, his capture results in Richard Webb being executed, as Kingsley had lied about Jackson being dead. Jackson reveals the bomb in his place to the others, however Polina Petrova and Riggs are distrustful of him, as he had supposedly left them behind. It takes Kingsley to convince the others that Wade is useful, and they eventually come up with a plan to escape, which succeeds. He mocks Richter and stuns him before watching Kingsley slowly stab the officer for killing his best friend. Riggs tells the team of Phoenix leader Hermann Freisinger's plan to leave the country and take the Reich underground, and the team rush to Tempelhof Airport and manage to capture him. He left to man the German plane on the runway, while the trio burned Freisinger to death. Later, Kingsley ordered Jackson to fly in pursuit of a secret V2 rocket facility codenamed "Aggregat."



Name Rarity Image How to obtain
Scouter Base Scouter WadeJackson.png Multiplayer: Get 100 Headshots.
Zombies: Get 250 kills with Field Upgrades
Third Fleet Common ThirdFleet Skin Wade CODV.png Operator Level 10
Hothead Common Hothead Skin Wade CODV.png Operator Level 20
Canary Rare Wade Canary Skin CODV.png Battle Pass Season Four Tier 60
CDL At Home Rare Wade CDL Home Skin CODV.png Call of Duty League Run It Back 2022 Bundle
CDL On The Road Rare Wade CDL Away Skin CODV.png Call of Duty League Run It Back 2022 Bundle
Leatherclad Rare Wade Leatherclad Skin CODV.png Battle Pass Season Three Tier 20
New York Blues Rare Wade NewYorkBlues Skin CODV.png Battle Pass Season Two Tier 90
Warbond Rare Warbond WadeJackson.png Reach Max Level with All Operators in the Hell Hounds Unit
Ace Casual Epic Wade Ace Casual Skin CODV.png Flyboy Bundle
Bomber Epic Bomber WadeJackson.png Task Force One Pack (Ultimate Edition Bonus)
Diesel Ace Epic Wade Diesel Ace Skin CODV.png Hidden Agenda Bundle
King Of Hearts Epic Wade KingOfHearts Skin CODV.png Get 15 Eliminations as the Flamenaut between February 11 and February 17, 2022.
Long Duster Epic Wade Long Duster Skin CODV.png Ruthless Precision Bundle
Ready For Takeoff Epic Wade ReadyForTakeoff CODV.png DEW x Call of Duty: Vanguard Promotion
Available between December 12, 2021 and January 7, 2022
GameFuel Tropical Strike Promotion
Available between May 18, 2022 and December 31, 2022
Squadleader Epic Squadleader WadeJackson.png Reach Max Level with All Operators in 4 Units
Antihero Legendary Wade Antihero Skin CODV.png Measure for Measure Bundle
Bundled Up Legendary Wade BundledUp Skin CODV.png Battle Pass Season Two 20 Tier Skip Bundle
First Wave Legendary Wade First Wave Skin CODV.jpg Season Two Combat Pack
Flacked Out Legendary Wade Flacked Out Skin CODV.png Clan Challenge: Get 500 Wins, between June 22nd and June 29th, 2022
Flightdeck Legendary Wade Flightdeck Skin CODV.png Bombardier Bundle
Iron Lung Legendary Wade Iron Lung Skin CODV.png Stylin' Skies Bundle
Kong Legendary Wade Kong Skin CODV.png Tracer Pack: Kong - Limited Time Bundle
Militant Frontline Legendary Wade Militant Frontline Skin CODV.png Boots on the Ground Bundle
Penumbra Legendary Wade Penumbra Skin CODV.png Clan Challenge: Get 2000 Headshots, between May 31st and June 5th, 2022
Call of Duty League Skins


Name Rarity Quote How to obtain
Deal With It Common "Hey, I'm better than you! Deal with it." Operator Level 2
No Shit Common "No guts, no glory... no shit." Operator Level 14

Finishing Moves

Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Rack It Base RackIt FinishingMove Wade CODV.gif Unlocked by default
Barrel It Up Common BarrelItUp FinishingMove Wade CODV.gif Operator Level 17
Universal Finishing Moves

Highlight Intros

Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Press Check Base PressCheck HighlightIntro Wade CODV.gif Unlock by default
Batter Up Rare BatterUp HighlightIntro Wade CODV.gif Operator Level 15
Universal Highlight Intros

MVP Hightlights

Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Pistol-Whip Base PistolWhip MVPHighlight Wade CODV.gif Unlocked by default
Grounder Common Grounder MVPHighlight Wade CODV.gif Operator Level 5
Grand Slam Legendary LineDrive MVPHighlight Wade CODV.gif Flyboy Bundle
Universal MVP Highlights



  • Wade Jackson is based on Vernon L. Micheel. [5]
  • Wade's hobbies include drag racing and mechanics.
  • Wade's favorite baseball team is the Brooklyn Dodgers.[6]
  • Wade's hair is strangely colored blonde in the prequel comics, despite being black in-game.
  • The skull design on the back of Wade's "Antihero" skin is similar to the skull design featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts, notably for Logan Walker.
  • Wade will mention having an ex-girlfriend when picking up shotguns in Zombies.[7]
  • In Warzone, Wade's "First Wave" skin is missing the helmet.


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