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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies

"Richter's proudest accomplishment - turning geistkraft into a molecular assembly device. Reach into the void and see what you get."
— Notebook Information

The Waffenbox is a utility featured in Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies, found in The Tortured Path. It replaces both the Mystery Box and the Weapon Lockers from the previous maps. As revealed by the Notebook, the creator of the Waffenbox is Heinz Richter.


There are a total of six different Waffenboxes featured in each of the three submaps within The Tortured Path. When the player first spawns into one of the maps, the starting weapon and Submachine Gun Waffenboxes will be available by default. Upon the completion of Wave 3, the Assault Rifle and Shotgun Waffenboxes will turn on. Finally, after Wave 6, the Sniper Rifle and Light Machine Gun Waffenboxes will turn on.

Depending on which Waffenbox the player interacts with, it will grant the player a certain weapon, which will immediately replace the weapon that is being held unless the player does not have all their weapon slots filled. For example, if the player interacts with the Submachine Gun Waffenbox, the player will receive one of the submachine guns within the game. Each Waffenbox has a different price depending on which weapon class is within the respective Waffenbox. Occasionally, the player will obtain the Jack-in-the-Box along with a weapon when using the Waffenbox.

Should the player receive a weapon they already have, ammunition will be refilled for that weapon.


Starter weapon Waffenbox (500 Jolts, Wave 0):

Submachine Gun Waffenbox (2000 Jolts, Wave 0):

Shotgun Waffenbox (2750 Jolts, end of Wave 3):

Rifles Waffenbox (3000 Jolts, end of Wave 3):

Snipers Waffenbox (3000 Jolts, end of Wave 6):

Light Machine Gun Waffenbox (4250 Jolts, end of Wave 6):