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"We've managed to gain a precious foothold here on Walcheren Island, but the Germans aren't taking it lying down. They're dishing it right back at us. If we don't maintain this foothold, it's back to the causeway and failure."
— Corporal Aland Bradshaw, Calgary Highlanders

"Walcheren" is the third level of the Canadian campaign in Call of Duty: Roads to Victory.


  • Cpl.Alan Bradshaw
  • Cpt.Wallcroft


The level begins with a bang as the squad blows a hole in a wall, surprising the Germans inside. Quickly begin firing as the smoke clears, and clear out all the Germans in the farmhouse. Head up stairs, and there should be an MG.

Get on the gun, and start firing at the incoming half-tracks. With concentrated fire, the player can take them out. A tank will then show up and blow a new hole in the wall, and the player is going to have to find more solid cover.

Use the new hole in the building to exit out into the street, and head left down the creek bed, taking out Germans along the way. The player will come upon a shack with a lone German sniper. Take him out, and grab his gun.

In front of the player will be a squad of Germans; use the sniper rifle, and take them out. The player must make sure to take out any Germans that make a run for the Panzershreck.

Clear all enemies from the barn. Move forward until the player has come upon a barn. Watch out for Germans on the roof, and take them all out. They have an MG setup at the barn door, so use a grenade to clear it out. Head upstairs, and continue killing Germans.

Exit the barn, and head out into the field. Another squad of Germans will attack. Be careful, as there isn’t much cover here. As the player moves down the field, another half-track will appear, but this one is easily flanked from the left.

Continue towards the bunker. Head around the corner, and continue on to the bunker. German resistance is light in this area.

Once in the bunker, get on the 88, and fire at the German tanks in the distance. If infantry come very close leave the gun and kill them. Once the player has done this, the mission is complete.

Medal requirement Edit

Gold Edit

  • Time: 10:00
  • Accuracy: 23%
  • Shots Fired: 475
  • Kills: 70
  • Head shots: 25

Silver Edit

  • Time: 12:00
  • Accuracy: 20%
  • Shots Fired: 575
  • Kills: 60
  • Head shots: 20

Bronze Edit

  • Time: 15:00
  • Accuracy: 15%
  • Shots Fired: 675
  • Kills: 50
  • Head shots: 15


Starting Loadout
Found in level
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