Walker Tanks is an map-based scorestreak that players can get off the Orbital Care Package. This reward is exclusive to the map Comeback. When activated, two Titans will appear on opposite sides of the map. They will fire lock-on missiles into the air onto the map like mortars, targeting enemy players they detect. Every single kill it gets will result in 25 scorestreak and the kills will count as Assault Drone kills. It is possible to have two pairs of Tanks active simultaneously.

Walker Tanks can target and kill people that have Blind Eye.



  • Kills with the Tanks will count towards kill challenges with the Aerial Assault Drone.
  • If Walker Tanks are active during the post-match scoreboard, the rockets will auto-aim towards the players in Spectator Mode.
  • Walker Tanks are risky to use in Hardcore modes, as they can end up killing teammates or the player themselves very frequently, and the player has no control over them.
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