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Gefreiter Walter Gerber is a minor character featured in the level "Liberation" in Call of Duty: WWII. His name is stated by a Gestapo officer.

He is a communications officer and was under the command of Oberst Karl Fischer and Oberführer Dressler. He is one of the prime suspects in the theft in munitions room besides Fischer. He is seen being questioned by the Gestapo about the theft of explosives from the munitions storage room due to his clearance level access to munitions storage room, someone fitting his description based on eyewitness reports, and his name is written in the checkout log munitions without proper authorization. He seems surprised by the Gestapo claims and he asserts himself says that he was in the communications department all day. Also, he claims that he is innocent and did not steal anything. He then tells them there are other people besides him who have a Clearance level to access the room and they are Karl Fischer and Oberführer Dressler. Fischer forged Gerber's signature when accessing the munitions storage room. When walking into the war room to exchange the briefcase, Gerber will panic when a Gestapo officer is about to arrest him and he quickly points out Fischer in the background.

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  • After Gerber's conversation with the Gestapo officer ends, they will loop the same animations until the player walks into the war room to make the exchange.
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