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The War Against Al-Qatala-Aljahdid is a major conflict prominently featured in the Special Ops mode and Multiplayer Seasonal Events of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Call of Duty: Warzone. It takes place after the campaign's story.

Background[edit | edit source]

Hunt for the Wolf[edit | edit source]

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In the wake of the attack at Picadilly Circus, British special forces, led by Captain Price raided a townhouse occupied by members of the Al-Qatala in Camden Town, London, England. In doing so, they recovered vital intelligence that allowed them to pinpoint the location of the Wolf.

Passing off the intelligence to American forces, Alex joined up with Griggs and his Demon Dogs and began fighting their way through the city of Rammaza, Urzikstan, encountering heavy resistance along the way before finally reaching the hospital where the Sulaman was hiding, holding three captive Marines, the Demon Dogs succesfully rescued the Marines and captured Sulaman. After the succesful capture of the HVT, the Marines transported Sulaman to the American embassy awaiting interrogation and eventual evacuation from the arriving Captain Price and Kyle Garrick.

Having caught wind about their leader's location, Al Qatala forces - led by the Butcher began laying siege to the American embassy, eventually breaching the perimeter. Members of the staff, frightened nonetheless began destroying vital documents in the event the embassy fell into AQ hands. Finally arriving at the embassy, the SAS duo had their helicopter shot down by hostile militiants with both men just barely surviving the crash. Making their way to the basement, the duo encountered the Butcher holding a father and son hostage in an attempt to intimidate the operators, refusing to open the door, the Butcher executed both hostages. Having finally reached the basement safe room and reuniting with their allies, Price directed Garrick to lead the Ambassador to their location, in hopes of evacuating him too. However, Garrick arrived a moment too late as the Ambassador had been gun downed by an AQ militiant while trying to lock the door. Instead, Garrick was forced to guide the Ambassador's assistant, Stacy to safety. Finally reaching the southern compound of the embassy, the team and remaining Marine forces mounted a desperate defence against overwhelming amounts of AQ militiants, with temporary support of a UAV. Despite their defence, AQ was able to break through the perimeter and extract Sulaman from American custody.

Hunt for the Butcher[edit | edit source]

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The release of the gas had put a major strain between US and ULF relations as America believed that their allies had been playing them for fools. Angered, the US cut off support for the Western-backed militia in light of the attack and much of the remaining ULF was forced to go underground. With the US and Russia on the verge of war and knowing that Hadir plans to attack Russia with chemical weaponry, Kate Laswell and John Price discuss their plan to stop him. After arguing over whether to warn Moscow or to allow the attacks carry on without intervention, Price suggests his own plan. Deciding to take an unsanctioned "business trip" into St. Petersburg, Russia, Price recieved the unofficial backing of Laswell and contacted his old friend, Nikolai for local assistance.

Meeting up with Nikolai in Russia, the team observed the Butcher arriving in the opposite building for a conference with the local AQ cell in the country. Mobilising quickly, the team chased him throughout the streets of St. Petersburg where civilian casualties increased as they went along, with the chase finally ending when Nikolai hits the Butcher with his vehicle. Over the next few hours, the team began interrogating the Butcher but to no avail, finally frustrated at the lack of progress, Price instructed Nikolai to find and capture the Butcher's family to be used as barganing chips. The arrival of the Butcher's family finally caused him to breakdown and reveal the location of Hadir, where Garrick executed him before leaving with Price to head to Barkov's mansion. Russian security forces were tipped off by Nikolai, where they recovered the gas and the Butcher's family.

Fall of Roman Barkov[edit | edit source]

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Hadir, after betraying the ULF, led elements of Al-Qatala and stormed Barkov's mansion in an attempt to find the rogue general, however he had an ulterior motive that he kept secret from his newfound allies - he wanted to find information on the rogue general's gas factory, so that his country, and more specifically, his sister would not have to keep suffering under the threat of Russian gas. Despite succesfully storming the grounds, they only encountered members of his family and began torturing them in an effort to find information on him. Concurrently, Captain Price and Kyle Garrick, having  interrogated the Butcher, made their own way to the grounds in an attempt to either capture or kill Hadir. Outnumbered ten to one, the two SAS operators quietly and efficiently began making their way through the grounds in an attempt to find the location of Hadir. Finally, having located Hadir after receiving information from one of Barkov's family members - extracted him, but not before ecountering heavy resistance from arriving Russian forces, having been deployed by Barkov himself after receiving news about the attack.

Yet, despite the succesful extraction of Hadir, they were intercepted by Laswell who forced Price to hand over Hadir to the Russian government, however not before handing information he gathered back in the house about the gas factory and giving it to Price. Laswell nonethless offered her support to Price, who decided to head to Urzikstan in hopes of rallying support from the ULF and Farah. Understanding that any attack by Western powers on Russian forces would amount to open war, Price succesfully convinced Farah to provide her independent militia - one that would provide plausible deniability in the event of accusations- to provide manpower for the attack. 

Laswell fufiled her end of the deal by providing a UAV and a APC for extra firepower to support the allied forces in the attack. The allied forces with the extra firepower, were able to fight their way to the gas factory quickly with Alex directing drone strikes at Russian forces. The allied forces decided to split up, Garrick and Price heading off to place explosives at the pipelines, while Farah and Alex fought their way through the factory to destroy the factory itself, linking up with Nikolai on the way to gather the explosives. However, as they were nearing their objective, a heavily armored trooper ambushed the duo and Alex's explosives were severely damaged in the fight. After reaching the manufacturing plant however, Alex decided to sacrifice himself at his own insistence - deeming himself less important than Farah. Relunctantly, she agreed to his decision and left to try and kill Barkov who was on his way out of the facility on a helicopter. Just as Barkov's helicopter took off, Farah hid within the cargo, waiting for the perfect time to kill the rogue general. Barkov, on the other hand was on the verge of a breakdown, having lost not only his factory, but much of his forces as well and demanded to speak to someone in Moscow. Farah was able to sneak up on Barkov and stabbed him repeatedly, finally avenging her father's death and everyone that had died in Urzikstan due to his oppressive regime. 

In the aftermath of the attack, and with overwhelming evidence suggesting that Barkov had indeed commited war crimes, Russia denounced the mad general and recalled their remaining forces from Urzikstan.

Earlier Counter-Terrorism missions[edit | edit source]

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Prior to the invasion of Verdansk, Coalition and Allegiance forces conducted covert operations to repel Al- Qatala's further influence in different territories. Unfortunately, both groups came into contact with each other, and unaware of each other's motives, initated active hostilities that kicked off a series of battles with potentially either Coalition or Allegiance forces withdrawing after losing said battles. These operations included Operation Empty House in Azhir Cave, Operation Door Kick/Sanctum conducted at Aniyah Palace and Operation Interloper/Hotspring.

Invasion of Verdansk[edit | edit source]

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In the aftermath of Barkov's death, Al Qatala - with funding from their new benefactor in Russia and led by a mysterious leader, was able to mobilise into an army and utilised tanks and helicopters and began their rapid invasion into the city of Verdansk. Russia, caught off guard by the invasion, desperately attempted to stem the tide of it, only to fail miserably and lose near-complete control of the city. Western powers, having previously cooperated with Russia to rebuild Verdansk, also took special interest into the new development of Al Qatala and at the pleading of elements within the Russian government, agreed to cooperate with them - forming the Armistice. Control of Operations were handed over to a joint command of Laswell and Sergeant Kamarov, with Laswell having experience in the fight against Al Qatala in Urzikstan and was joined by Captain Price, who led field operations in the country, leading the multinational coalition of Special Operators from both sides of the aisle.

However, despite this newfound cooperation, there was still some underlying tension within the Armistice due to a lack of trust between the operators.

Course of War[edit | edit source]

Armistice Operations[edit | edit source]

Laswell and Kamarov launched several operations conducted by Arm-4 teams with the aim of stopping and crippling the organization access to weapons, funds, intelligence and hardware by eliminating high value targets within the Al-Qatala's network in Verdansk as Armistice became the only line of defense preventing the terrorist organization from pushing through to Urzikstan.

Operation Headhunter[edit | edit source]

The Armistice team "Arm-4" was sent by Case Officer Kate Laswell and Sergeant Kamarov to find intel about Almalik's warehouses in Verdansk. After eliminating several Al-Qatala's lieutenants, the team discovered Almalik used scramblers to protect his communication and hide the warehouses. They found the scramblers around the Verdansk stadium, pulled every data and destroyed them. They fought back armored vehicles sent by Almalik before exfiltration.

Operation Kuvalda[edit | edit source]

Using the data recovered from the scramblers, Armistice located all the warehouses belonging to Almalik in Verdansk. Several Armistices teams were deployed to attack all the warehouses at once.

An "Arm-4" team was sent at the Arklov Peak military base, Almalik's base of operations and primary storage facility. The team infiltrated the base and accessed the data server to find and mark weapons stockpiles for missile strikes. Arm-4 also found ballistic missiles inside the hangar. After the team was exfilled, the military base was destroyed, killing Almalik in the process.

Operation Just Reward[edit | edit source]

Following the death of Almalik, the Arm-4 team went after The Banker, a British financier who was the head of Al-Qatala's financial operation responsible for money-laundering their own financial network through a system of crypto server farms and also by controlling Verdansk's local bank in order to weaponize generated profits. With the goal to cut off AQ's money supply in Verdansk, an Arm-4 team was sent to Downtown Tavorsk District to find four phones, chase the contact linked to the Banker with a helicopter to capture and interrogate them before hacking several devices and exfil.

Operation Strongbox[edit | edit source]

After having located the servers used by the banker and froze his assets, the Arm-4 team moved to the Acropolis National Bank in Tavorsk District where the team approached and cut the vault with a saw, retrieved the crypto private key inside it, and eliminated the Banker before defending the bank's rooftop from heavy mortar fire and Al-Qatala's troops until an helicopter arrived to extract the team.

Operation Harbinger[edit | edit source]

An Arm-4 team was sent northern Verdansk to find more intel about El Traficante, a smuggler allied with Al-Qatala, after a source inside the terrorist organization, MAGE, reported El Traficante was moving something big across Verdansk. After searching through several safehouses, Arm-4 uncovered a huge amount of money and documents linked to an account tied to El Traficante.

The team proceeded to a hotel where MAGE was held hostage, AQ forces moved him to a convoy but was intercepted by Arm-4 who retrieved MAGE. After fighting enemy forces, the team brought MAGE to the extraction zone where they attached to him a Fulton Device for his exfil. They then regrouped in a nearby safehouse.

Operation Brimstone[edit | edit source]

After retrieving MAGE, the gathered intel revealed that El Traficante was planning to move a massive shipment of weapons across Verdansk by train.The Arm-4 team infiltrated the Quarry next to their safehouse, under mortar fire. Fighting against Al-Qatala, they disrupted several communication arrays to prevent the AQ forces to call for back up. The team then eliminated three high value targets who guarded the terminal keys for the train control room, this allowed the team to call in the train.

Once the train arrived the loading platform, the team opened the doors and rigged the explosives before going to exfil under enemy fire while managing to shoot down El Traficante's helicopter before he could escape, killing him in the process. Once the team was secured, the train exploded.

Operation Paladin[edit | edit source]

An Arm-4 team was sent to rescue Doctor Linda Morales, a volunteer physician in Verdansk. She was taken hostage by Al-Qatala after she informed Armistice that Mr Z was using medical shipments from the World Humanitarian Project to move bioweapons into the city.

After the team managed to exfil Morales, she told them that a deal was happening at the airfield. The team was then deployed near by to escort an APC to the airfield. The team encountered several weapon crates containing Chem-Bio weapons derived from Roman Barkov's chlorine gas. Fighting against a large amount of AQ forces, they discovered a nuclear warhead with his core missing before leaving the area.

Operation Crosswind[edit | edit source]

Using Doctor Linda Morales intel of an weapon deal happening in the Verdansk airport, the Arm-4 team ,with the help of Lieutenant Simon Riley, infiltrated the Verdansk Airport occupied by Al-Qatala. They desactivated the comms array, preventing the AQ forces in the airport to contact reinforcement. The team then boarded the hijacked plane before it took off and made their way inside it. They recovered the nuclear core before jumping out of the plane. After fighting Al-Qatala in the scrapyard next to the airport, they left the area with the core.

After the successful execution of these eight Operations, Armistice teams were able to neutralize Al-Qatala's support network in Verdansk by eliminating all 4 power brokers with their respective activities in Verdansk and collecting further data on the "Immortal Lion", who is revealed to be Khaled Al-Asad. However, he and Imran Zakhaev are at large, with more of their weapons locked and scattered around Verdansk, thus still representing a large threat in the region.

Operation: Rapid Sunder[edit | edit source]

During an Armistice operation in Verdansk, Al-Asad released massive amount of poisonous gas into the city. Following this, tensions arose between the Armistice operatives who started fightning among themselves to survive.

Lieutenant Simon "Ghost" Riley, a member of the Task Force 141 stationed in Verdansk, reported to Price, the task force leader, several blue on blue incidents and requested reinforcement and operators he could trust.

Operation: Rust[edit | edit source]

Somewhere in a classified location, Riley infiltrated an Al-Qatala oil yard controlled by Zakahev's forces and was contacted by Price, who revealed that the released gas in Verdansk was the same found at the crash site in Faridah and proved to be the death blow to the fragile alliance between Coalition and Allegiance factions, thus resulting in the dissolution of Armistice. He also reveals that this was a plan made by Zakhaev in order to reignite tensions between both factions and also between Russia and the West.

During the raid, Riley reunited with a fire team sent by Price to assist him. There, he met Alex, revealing that he survived the explosion in Barkov's gas factory despite losing his left leg and having it replaced by a prosthetic.

New Threats[edit | edit source]

After leaving the oil yard, Riley assisted remaining operators by supplying intelligence. This led the operators throughout the city of Verdansk as well as its bunkers, where, among other discoveries, a subway system was found. Zakhaev and Al-Qatala had been using the tunnels travel undetected in the city.

Sometime later, Shadow Company infiltrated the Acropolis National Stadium after the Allegiance had intercepted Al-Qatala radio chatter from within. Shadow Company blew the roof of the stadium off using explosives, searching for Zakhaev. This turned out to be a futile effort as no hostiles were found inside the stadium.

After discovering the subway system in Verdansk, Farah and "Nikolai," now Chimera operators of the Allegiance, infiltrated the tunnels. The pair discovered that Al-Qatala had not been using the train, but instead traveled on foot through the tunnels. Farah killed several hostile troops who were heading towards Nikolai, while he powered the train for use by operators. Farah then radioed to Price that she and Nikolai managed to get the train running, as Price then radioed Griggs to stand by.

Having finally discovered the location of the missing nuke, Cpt. Price led elements of Task Force 141 and Griggs's Demon Dogs unit in a desperate attempt to eliminate Zakhev and disarm the nuke. With Demon Dog forces sealing off the perimeter around the launch site, Alex and Karim are sent in to distract Zakhev's forces, while Price personally killed Zakhev by throwing him into the silo. However, moments prior to his death, Zakhev was able to initiate the launch sequence, and Price was forced to radio in Nikolai for the disarming codes, narrowly managing to deactivate the nuke after his communications were jammed.

Finally, as Alex and Karim finished off the remaining resistance in the launch site, Task Force 141 reassembled on the dam, overseeing the continuing battle between Allegiance and Coalition forces. Simon "Ghost" Riley noted that the war wasn't over, to which Price concurred in the affirmative, after which John "Soap" McTavish radioed in to Price, requesting further assistance near the coast of Verdansk. Subsequently, the Task Force parachuted off the dam to regroup with their fellow operator.

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