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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
For the character commonly referred to as the Warden, see Brutus (Zombies).

The Warden is a dropship in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


In the campaign, the Warden is used by the Settlement Defense Front and can be considered to be the counterpart to SATO's Raven. Two can be seen firing directed energy main cannons during Black Sky. They can be seen docked at the bay in Operation Taken Dagger. In Operation Blood Storm, a Warden can be seen captured by E3N "Ethan" and his army of C6s.

The Warden possesses a modular cargo bay system; it can either carry a central personnel hub or simply carry robots from its underbelly. The Warden was constructed from unique materials that were strong and heat resistant, meaning it did not require ceramic tile heat shields. The Warden can operate in a range of planetary conditions as well as within the vacuum of space, though it is not clear if it can get into space independently as it is never observed doing so and is not described as possessing booster rockets, unlike the Raven.


  • Length: 26 metres
  • Width: 15.25 metres
  • Height: 5 metres
  • Propulsion:
    • 4x Independently articulating thruster nacelles
    • 4x VTOL thrusters
    • 6x Jet Engines
    • 42x RCS Ports
  • Occupancy: 14x Personnel or 2-8 Robots
  • Armament: 1x Gimballed nose turret


The Warden appears as a 1100 scorestreak in multiplayer.

The Warden is A.I. controlled and enters the battlefield soon after it's called in. When in the battlefield, it is close to the ground, making it easy to hit it with weapons when directly below it. It tends to disappear behind tall structures, so it usually must be engaged at close range. The Warden has an A.I. controlled machine gun that follows enemies with great precision. The Warden can be set to two firing modes: it can be set to follow the player who called it in, or it can be set to guard a position.

When a player lands the final hit on a Warden, they receive a "Flyswatter" medal. When a player assists in destroying a Warden, they receive a scrap assist, along with 50 points.

The Warden is also equipped with an A.I. controlled missile launcher, and can "Spot" enemies, highlighting them within the players Line of Sight, and though objects. 

The perk Blind Eye renders the player invisible to enemy Wardens.


  • Watchdog (Rare): Holds an additional flare, but has a lower active life time.
  • Goliath (Legendary): Replaces the missile launcher with a second machine gun turret. However, both turrets now fire slower.
  • Showtime (Epic): Carries 3 random Drone Packages, which drop onto the map when it arrives on site. If the Warden is destroyed before it can reach the map (through the use of a Nova variant Counter-UAV), the packages will be irretrievable. Its cost increases to 1700 points, making it the highest value scorestreak in the game.