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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

For other uses, see Warlord.
"Hunter Two-One this is Warlord. Solid copy. I have uh... Devil One-One's flight of two F-15s online, standby for relay."
— Warlord to Hunter Two-One in Team Player


Warlord was the callsign of one of four American command bases heard in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, with the other three being Overlord, Punisher, and Oxide.


He is heard only one time: at the start of the level "Team Player" where he can be heard coordinating air support for Hunter Two-One. He can best be heard in a small shack near the bridge where a randomly generated Ranger (who is most likely the one communicating with him) can be seen taking cover. He then calls in Devil One-One for a "danger close" bombing run across the bridge on what the ranger describes as "a white twelve-story apartment building".

After the run he is not heard again throughout the entire game. It is likely that he is part of the same command base as Overlord because they both communicate with Hunter Two-One. But instead of relaying orders like Overlord he calls in air support. Or it could be he only operates in Afghanistan which would explain why he is not heard again (due to the fact that in the remaining missions in Afghanistan Shadow Company is present not Hunter Two-One). Because he is never seen or heard from again, it is likely that he survived the events of Modern Warfare 2.