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Warsaw Factory is the twentieth campaign mission in Call of Duty. The player's orders are to capture a tank facility in Warsaw, Poland, before the main invasion force can arrive. The following sections are a walkthrough.

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Getting Started Edit

The player will spawn outside. There is a battle between the player's allies and troops, so take out the rifle and snipe as many troops as from that position. When the troops are down, go near the fence, but crouch, because there's a troop firing from a balcony across. Take him out, then take out any other threats with the SMG.

Get near the door that is under the sniper so that the allies can blow it up. Run away form the door because the explosion will harm the player and there are troops behind the door.

When the door has been blown up, get near it, but don't face it. There are two troops, one armed with an MP44 just past the door. Instead, move so that the wall inside the room is visible and throw a grenade. This will either kill or disorient one of the troops, allowing the player to get closer and take out the troop behind the barrels.

After they're dead, go inside, but don't walk into the crossroad! Again, there are troops on each side. Instead, throw a grenade to the left and to the right. The grenades should take out most of the enemies on each side. Make sure to check before running out.

When both sides have been cleared, take a left (the right path has nothing). The first room on the right has a troop hiding behind an overturned table, toss a grenade to flush him out. When he's dead, go inside and take a right. The player will find six medium medkits and a grenade box. Take what is needed, then go back to the hall. This time, go through the second doorway on the right.

Go down the stairs until a room can be seen. Go prone and snipe the troops in the room. When they are out (one of them likes to peek out from a corner), go forward and look in the room to the left. The player will see three troops hiding behind two overturned tables. Toss a grenade near them, and let it do the job. When they are dead, go into the room and grab the four medium medkits in the back.

Get out of the room, go back into the hall and go straight until reaching the end. Turn left, and some troops are waiting to ambush. Toss a grenade to take them out. Some more troops might come in after the grenade has exploded, so take them out with the SMG.

Take a left, and the player will be in a hall with windows. Outside is a battle between the allies and enemy troops. The player can help by sniping a few enemies.

At then end of the hall is a doorway that leads to the first tank repair room.

The First Repair Facility Edit

There are enemies everywhere and the area is large, the player is going to have to think in order to get out without getting critically injured. Once inside, run to the crate, take out the rifle, and lean left or right. The most important target is an MP44-wielding troop on the top catwalk, so try to find him and take him out first. After that, eliminate as many threats as possible (particularly the troops on the left and right sides of the room), then go to the left of the crate until the player sees the other catwalk. There is another MP44-wielding troop there, take him out as well. When he's down, take out the SMG and go forward while taking out anybody that's left. When near the end of the room, turn left and a door way that leads to a stairway can be found. There will be some troops at the top, have the SMG ready.

Go up the stairs into another windowed hall. Follow it until the windows stop. There is a troop peeking from the right corner, so flush him out with a grenade, then finish him off.

Go through where he was to end up on the top catwalks. Take a right and go forward, there is a door way in the middle of the other side. When close, toss a grenade into it. Two troops should come out, allowing time to pick them off. When they are out, get to the left side of the doorway and lean right. The player will see that there are two troops hiding behind two overturned tables. They tend to crouch behind one table. Throw a grenade past the tables, and hopefully it will finish them off. If not, rush them with the SMG. When they are dead, pick up the two medium medikits and the grenade box. Take a right, and the player should see a doorway that leads to another hall. Go in.

Go through the hall, but take out the SMG at the corner. A troop tends to be on the other side, be prepared. Turn, and if he is there, shoot him. If not, he is in the room that is at the end of the hall, along with another troop peeking behind the right corner. Toss a grenade to flush both of them out, then get them with the SMG. When they are dead, move forward.

The Second Repair Facility Edit

After taking a left, the player will see a window that leads to another repair facility on the right. Break the glass and snipe any enemies. At least one of them has an MP44. Ultimately the player will be down there, so taking out as many enemies as possible beforehand is a great idea. When the player has taken out as many troops as possible, go forward. Eventually, there will be a staircase, go down it and follow the path until coming to a corner. On the other side is a doorway that leads to a room with four troops, juke to the opening of the door and toss a grenade, then go back. If all went well, it will take out at least one troop, so lean against the left wall until seeing the doorway to check. If there are more troops, toss another grenade and take out any survivors. When they're all dead, go through the room they were in, but turn left. The player will see a gated area with crates and a grenade box in it. Grab the box if needed, then move on.

In the next room, two allies will break through a door. There are two medium medikits to the right of them, so grab them if needed. Turn right and there is a hall that leads into the second repair room, seen earlier.

When going in, take out the rifle and crouch. There are still troops in the room, be careful. One will appear between two Tiger 1E tanks on the left, snipe him immediately. Another troop will appear between two Tiger 1E tanks on the opposite side. Finally, there's a troop at the far right, snipe him. When they are all out, go to the end of the room and turn left. The player will find a doorway leading outside.

Once outside, walk left until close to the end. A doorway is on the left at the end, but there is a troop that tends to come out of it, the player should be ready. When he is down, go into the doorway he came from and turn right. The player will see another doorway, this one with two troops near it. Eliminate them with the SMG, then go in and turn left.

The player will then see the last troops in the map. There's an overturned table in the center of the room and there are troops peeking behind the corners just before the table, toss a grenade at the table and past it. That should kill everybody in the room. Go past the room and the doorway and take a right to get to the exit, which is a tight hall.

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Call of Duty - Mission 20 - Factory

Call of Duty - Mission 20 - Factory

Warsaw Factory Walkthrough


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