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Warsaw FactoryEdit

Warsaw, Poland
January 17, 1945
1030 hrs

Alexei Ivanovich Voronin fights off the German soldiers outside of a large building with other Russian soldiers. After clearing, they run up to a wall and place explosives on it.

Soldier: Blast this door open!

Soldier: I heard that our Generals are racing to Berlin!

Soldier: Yeah, for the women and the French champagne. The General who gets to Berlin last will be sent for re-education.

Soldier: We'll be re-educated with them if the NKVD hears us!

The explosives detonate and the soldiers enter to clear the building. They move downstairs and clear the lower floor as well. They pass through a large room with a tank inside and go back upstairs through hallways. The Russians pass through another room with a tank inside and finally reach the outdoors. They enter a second building and reach a door. The level ends.

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