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"Dealing with unpredictable new energy particles added a heightened degree of lethality to the experiments in Richter's weapons lab. After overhearing the Gruppenführer's complaints about this inefficiency, Klaus Fischer volunteered the schematic for an automated weapons assembly table. The compact design delighted Richter, and he brought the physicist over from the morgue to work in his department, widening the growing rift between Richter and Doktor Straub."
— Notebook Information

The Weapon Assembly Station is a utility found within the Call of Duty: WWII Zombies map The Final Reich. It is an automated crafting station located within the Command Room of the bunker, which is utilized to create the Tesla Gun and its variants with the use of the Geistkraft Transfer Device.


To begin using the Weapon Assembly Station, the player must locate the Geistkraft Transfer Device, which is situated above the hilt of Frederick Barbarossa's Sword in the Emperor's Chamber. The player interact with the hilt, which will turn on the transfer device above. The player must now kill a few zombies near the hilt until a red mist begins to emit from the hilt. The transfer device will then raise up into a hole above, but be stopped by a protective shield. The player must open this shield by turning the chank directly in front of the main entrance to the Salt Mine Tunnels. Once the shield is open, the transfer device will reach the roof of the Command Room, where the lights within the entire bunker will turn off. The player must now follow the transfer device as it heads over to the Laboratory. Along the way, the device will stop occassionally, meaning the player will have to make it go by killing zombies in the red circle directly below the device. Once it plugs into the machine within the Laboratory, it will turn on the machine and after a few moments, will create the barrel of the Tesla Gun. The player can now pick up this piece and place it at the Weapon Assembly Station in the Command Room.

When the transfer device returns to the Command Room, it will then proceed to head to the Morgue. The player must repeat the same process as before until the device plugs into the machine in the Morgue. After it plugs itself into the machine, it will turn on the machine like before in the Laboratory, eventually creating the Tesla Gun's power core. The player can then pick up the core and bring it to the Weapon Assembly Station. However, a Brenner will spawn in the Command Room once the player picks up the second piece of the Tesla Gun.

When both pieces of the Tesla Gun is put in place and the transfer device connects itself with the Weapon Assembly Station, the player can now craft the Tesla Gun by interacting with it on the table. The transfer device will power on as the Tesla Gun is crafted by the machine, which can now be picked up by the player once it becomes crafted by the machine.

The Weapon Assembly Station is later used again by the player to create the four variants of the Tesla Gun once the player obtains an upgraded piece of the Tesla Gun for the respective variant they wish to upgrade the Tesla Gun into.

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