Weapon Kits are a customization feature released on the 13th December, 2016 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. Weapon Kits change the appearance of a weapon's model or camouflage. Weapon Kits can be used in conjunction with Weapon Camouflages and are restricted to a certain weapon class.

Weapon Kits are available from Supply Drops and come in all qualities except Common. Some weapon kits are only available from completing Bounties. Every weapon class has two or three Weapon Kits available. Weapon Kits have the option of changing the weapon's camouflage (acting as a secondary camouflage), or completely changing the weapon's model.

On the 7th February, 2017[1], four weapon kits were added with the Depot update; the Czar, Battle-Scarred, Lawman and Huntsman weapon kits respectively.

List of Weapon KitsEdit

Weapon Kit Rarity Weapon Class Cost (Parts) Collection
Battleworn Bounty Assault Rifles N/A Battleworn
Battle-Scarred Bounty Submachine Guns N/A Battle-Scarred
Czar Bounty Light Machine Guns N/A Czar
Warfighter Bounty Light Machine Guns N/A Warfighter
Lawman Bounty Shotguns N/A Lawman
Competitior Bounty Shotguns N/A Competitior
Huntsman Bounty Sniper Rifles N/A Huntsman
Assassin Bounty Sniper Rifles N/A Assassin
Gunslinger Bounty Handguns N/A Gunslinger
Ethereal Rare Shotguns 775 Gravedigger
Odin Legendary Light Machine Guns 1300 Norse
Competition Legendary Handguns 1300 Competitior
Stinger Epic Assault Rifles 2150 Scorpion
Whiteout Epic Submachine Guns 2150 Cliffhanger
Pride Epic Sniper Rifles 2150 Faction

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