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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode
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The Weapon Locker is a utility initially introduced in TranZit and has been retroactively added to Die Rise. It also returns in Buried.

In TranZit, it is located inside the farmhouse. In Die Rise, it is located by going down the elevator in the starting room and jumping across the ledge. In Buried, it is located on the ground floor of the general store near the doorway to the back room.

The player can store weapons inside the Weapon Locker until the player wishes to re-use them. The M1911, Ballistic Knife, Wonder Weapons, and any of their Pack-A-Punched counterparts cannot be stored in the Weapon Locker.

Weapon Exclusives and Replacements

There are certain weapons that can be obtained in only a select number out of the three available maps. Because of this, weapons that are exclusive to one particular map will be replaced by a different weapon if they are stored in the Weapon Locker in one map and taken out in another.

Exclusive Weapons and their Replacements
Weapon Map(s) Unique to Replacement
PDW-57 Die Rise, Buried Chicom CQB
AN-94 Die Rise, Buried Galil
SVU-AS Die Rise, Buried FAL
Remington New Model Army Buried Python

Weapons stored in the Weapon Locker will remain there until removed by the player. If the player currently has two weapons in their inventory, and a weapon is already stored inside, using the Weapon Locker will cause the currently equipped weapon to be placed inside, and the weapon that was already inside the Weapon Locker will be taken out, unless they have a free weapon slot (usually done getting the perk Mule Kick) or their current weapon cannot be put in the Locker. Weapons are kept in their current state when placed in the locker, and will keep aspects such as attachments and ammunition count when removed from the locker.


  • If you use the Weapon Locker too many times on round 1, there is a chance that the weapon will vanish.
  • If you place a Pack-a-Punched RPG in from Die Rise, it is possible that in TranZit it will become a Pack-a-Punched Ballistic Knife. The reason for this is unknown.