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The Weapon Specialist Upgrade is a bonus pickup featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts in Chaos Mode. Once picked-up and used, the player will have infinite ammo and will also have increased bullet damage.

The Weapon Specialist Upgrade is incredibly useful to activate when dealing with Barrier Hives, as it can allow users to lay a ton of damage into a hive without wasting ammo.

When used, the Weapon Specialist Upgrade, when it expires, will leave a full magazine in whatever weapon the user is currently using when the Weapon Specialist Upgrade expires, regardless of how many bullets were in the weapon when the Weapon Specialist Upgrade was used. This can be manipulated to get free ammo and a free reload. This is especially useful for LMGs, which have lots of ammunition and terribly slow reloads. This can be best exploited by activating the Weapon Specialist Upgrade just as a weapon is on the verge of running out of ammo. The Weapon Specialist Upgrade can make the Weapon Specialist user less dependent on ammo drops from allies.

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