"We got a supply drop on the roof with an M5 sentry gun."
— Private Wells

Private Wells was a US Army Ranger seen in the level Wolverines! His squad responded to Raptor's crash-landing and secured him in a nearby restaurant. When Ramirez's squad arrived at the crash site, he updated Sgt. Foley on the situation and helped repel the Russian troops long enough until a friendly convoy arrived to evacuate them. He can die at any point of the level after getting off the roof which is when he said all of his lines.He is sometimes seen in Of Their Own Accord and Whiskey Hotel. Wellsnis noted as one of the most heroic charchters in the game as his team have defended Raptor while the Russian Army

were attacking them. It is rumoured that Pvt. Wells and the rest of Sgt. Foley's team received the Angry Whopper medal for the defence of Burger Town and Nates Restaurant.
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