"We got a supply drop on the roof with an M5 sentry gun."
— Private Wells

Private Wells was a US Army Ranger seen in the level "Wolverines!". His squad responded to Raptor's crash-landing and secured him in a nearby restaurant. When Ramirez's squad arrived at the crash site, he updated Sgt. Foley on the situation and helped repel the Russian troops long enough until a friendly convoy arrived to evacuate them. He can die at any point of the level after getting off the roof which is when he has said all of his lines. If he survives, he can be seen in "Of Their Own Accord" and "Whiskey Hotel".


  • He can be seen in the first floor through a sniper scope of the Burger Town few seconds before the Russian Bombing: the bombs blown away the place where he was standing but strangely he's found alive with Foley against a wall in the Burger town while the bombing should have killed him.
  • Wells' appearance is random as well as the attachments on his SCAR.
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