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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

For other uses, see Wetwork.
"Breach and clear two deadly rooms full of enemies and hostages to capture the oil rig."
Spec Ops description.

Wetwork is the first mission Echo Special Ops mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and the twenty-first overall mission. It takes place on a Russian oil rig just off the east coast. It is exactly the same as a large part of the campaign level "The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday".

The Infinity Ward best time for Wetwork is 3 minutes 10.3 seconds.


The players start at the bottom of the rig. Some choice of weapons is in front of them. The only way to go is up the staircase. The first room of hostages is nearby, with two possible doors to breach. After clearing the room, the players must fight their way up the oil rig to the second room of hostages. The mission is complete after the room is cleared. Death of a hostage for any reason ends the mission as a failure.

If one sprints through the initial parts of the level without killing too many enemies, the remainder of the level will not spawn any enemies, making completing the mission easy.

Weapon Loadout

Starting Loadout
Found in level

These weapons can be found with and without attachments.



  • If the player is to wait after they rescues the first group of hostages and watch them they'll simply get up and run over to the start and sit there, still blindfolded.
  • When playing Wetwork in co-op mode, the character models have British flags on their sleeves, however both characters speak with American accents.
  • If one looks through the window before breaching the first room it appears empty but once the Breaching Charge is placed, voices are heard and enemies appear.
  • On a normally inaccessible lower level of the rig, inside a room, there is an M14 EBR Scoped along with a pile of claymores, which can be picked up.
    • The M14 spawns with a random amount of ammo, both in the current magazine and in reserve.