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Wield a Fist of Iron is a trophy/achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops III on Gorod Krovi. It requires the player to wield the Gauntlet of Siegfried. The achievement's name is a reference to step 6 of Reznov's steps to escape Vorkuta

Step One: The Dragon EggEdit

In the Hatchery, a dragon egg can be found on a board up above the left side of the Sewer Pipe. Shooting the egg will cause it to roll down to the right of the hatch, where it can be picked up by the player.

Step Two: Bathing the EggEdit

Bring the egg to one of the dragon nests found in certain areas where a dragon breathes fire upon. Once in a nest, the player must wait until a dragon breathes fire on the area. After the area is burned with the egg in it, the player must wait two rounds before it can be picked up again.

Step Three: Training the EggEdit

After picking up the fire-bathed dragon egg, the player must complete three challenges in order: kill several Napalm Zombies created by dragon fire, kill multiple zombies with a single shot and get melee kills.

Step Four: Incubating the EggEdit

Once all three challenges are done, bring the egg back to the Hatchery and place the egg in one of the incubators located near a generator. Once placed, the player must defend the egg from several zombies and Valkyrie Drones until the process is done. Once done, the player must wait two more rounds until it cools down.

Step Five: Obtaining the GauntletEdit

Once the egg finishes cooling off after being incubated, the player can grab the egg and return to their respective tombstone located in Belinski Square and hold the action button while looking at the bottom most challenge. A skeleton hand will then emerge from the ground and the player can then receive the Gauntlet of Siegfried, as well as unlocking the achievement.


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