"Automatic rifle with high damage and moderate fire rate."
— Description

The Wimmersperg Spz is an assault rifle featured in Call of Duty: WWII. It was added via an update on July 23rd, 2019.

Nazi ZombiesEdit

The Wimmersperg Spz is available though the Mystery Box for 1000 jolts on all currently existing maps and 3000 jolts from the Rifle Waffenboxes in The Tortured Path and functions similarly to its multiplayer self. When upgraded by the Ubersprengen or by the Freefire "MK. II" mod, it becomes the Spz-X and gains a base increased magazine size of 50, increased maximum reserve ammo of 500, and a damage increase.


  • Molten Menace
  • Wolf in the Weeds II
  • Wishbone
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