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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

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Winter was a special event in the Black Market and Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The event was available between December 13th, 2018 and December 26th on PlayStation 4 and from December 20th to January 2nd, 2019 on Xbox One and PC.

Black Market

In the Black Market, the Halloween special event was a supply stream alongside the Operation Absolute Zero Contraband. The event had 20 tiers but only 10 of them offered an item.

Tier Item
Tier 1 "Ready Up"
Common Sticker
Tier 2 None
Tier 3 "Snow Day"
Legendary Gesture
Tier 4 None
Tier 5 "Candy Cane"
Rare Shared Warpaint
Tier 6 None
Tier 7 "Missle-Tow"
Legendary Gesture
Tier 8 None
Tier 9 "Nutcracker"
Rare Shared Warpaint
Tier 10 None
Tier Item
Tier 11 "Lampy"
Legendary Gesture
Tier 12 None
Tier 13 "Frost"
Rare Shared Warpaint
Tier 14 None
Tier 15 None
Tier 16 "Snow Joy"
Legendary Gesture
Tier 17 None
Tier 18 "Grump"
Common Sticker
Tier 19 None
Tier 20 "Reindeer"
Legendary Shared Warpaint


In the Zombies mode, the event was called Winter Callings and featured four different challenges with four rewards.

  • Silent Knife: Get 100 kills with Melee Attacks
    • "Naughty-Nice" Warpaint and +1000 XP
  • White Elephant: Buy 20 Weapons from the Mystery Box
    • "Red Dragon" Warpaint and +2500 XP
  • Slay Ride: Get 1500 Kills using Light Machine Guns
    • "Frosty" Warpaint and +5000 XP
  • Black Friday Shopper: Buy 15 Perks
    • "Krampus" Warpaint and +10000 XP