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The subject matter of this article was removed from the current version of a a Call of Duty game.
For the original map, see Raid.

Winter Raid (also known as Raid Holiday) is a multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Mobile. It added on December 20, 2019 as part of the Season 2 update, during the Holiday period. [1]

It is a Winter version of the map Raid with snow, snowmen and Christmas lights around the map. It also takes place at night as opposed to the typical day-time setting of Raid.

On December 20, 2019, a playlist 24/7 was added rotating all modes. The playlist has been removed in December 27, 2019, but continued on normal playlists. The map has removed with Season 3 Update on January 16, 2020.

In December 20, 2020, in the Season 13 Wint3r War update, Winter Raid comes back during the Holiday period. [2]



  • Two songs were played near the swimming pool area. One of these songs was Cut Me Loose by Kerri Watt.