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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Mobile

"Witch Doctor is wearing his beak-shaped mask. No one knows what he looks like-he's known only for his advanced skills in healing and, when he deems necessary, killing."
— In-game biography

Witch Doctor is a character featured in Call of Duty: Mobile and was added in the game on June 14, 2020, during Season 7 Radioactive Agent as part of Noxious Draw. [1] Later, during Season 7: Elite of Elite, Witch Doctor appears in the Comics, being part of a mysterious organization called The Dark Covenant.


Not much is known about Witch Doctor, apart from the fact that he’s a member of the Dark Covenant alongside Dark Shepherd, Artery, Kryptis and Stansfield. He is later shown to join the battle against Rorke and his mercs when Templar and Dame betray him. He also witnesses the execution of Rorke by Dame.

Later on, in Blackout, when Templar kills Dame after she tells him that the Covenant will never let his daughter Sophia go free, Witch Doctor is goaded into fighting Templar along with the rest of the Covenant members.

During the battle, Witch Doctor attempts to use a Purifier on Templar. He only succeeds in burning off half of his cape before Templar bisects the weapon with his knives, rendering it unusable.

After a grueling battle, Templar emerges victorious as Witch Doctor is shown carrying Dark Shepherd on his shoulder and dragging Artery along with him, both apparently defeated. As he carries away his vanquished comrades, he informs Templar that their fight isn’t over.