The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Roads to Victory.
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"High Command is intent on controlling the Scheldt Estuary. For our part, we've been ordered to capture the village of Woensdrecht. The Germans are dug in and waiting for us, but it gets worse; the town is flooded."
— Corporal Alan Bradshaw, Calgary Highlanders

"Woensdrecht" is the first level of the Canadian Campaign in Call of Duty: Roads to Victory.


  • Cpl.Alan Bradshaw
  • Lt.Mitchell
  • Gunderman(Radioman)
  • Clark
  • Fletcher(K.I.A.).


The level begins with the player in a bad situation: snipers are firing on the player's position from a nearby building, and the radio operator is getting nothing but static. Use the sniper rifle, and hold them off as long as possible. To make matters worse, a Panzer shows up. Eventually, Roger Baker Six answers the radio, and shells the player's position.

With the Panzer smoldering and the building rubble, advance forward down the road. Watch out for fire from the buildings above.

Snipers take out Clark as he tries to cross the street; grab the sniper rifle ammo if needed, and head out into the street and start firing.

Once the player has cleared out the Germans, head through the hole in the building. He/She’ll come upon a soldier trying to mark a German roadblock with smoke; protect him with covering fire.

With the roadblock destroyed, a German tank appears. The player needs to place an explosive on the tank. Be careful of the snipers and MG42.

The player continues his/her advance in the town. Watch out for German soldiers on the buildings. Then, he/she'll come across an alley way with Germans near a truck. Eliminate them then proceed to the next checkpoint.

Exiting the alley way, it is possible see a large building with many Germans defending it. A German tank appears. Plant explosives on the tank and kill the Germans defending the area.

The player enters the building to retrieve some documents. The Germans are defending the building. Eliminate them and find the documents.

The shelling started again. The player must exit the building and rendezvous with the player's squad outside. The player only has one minute to get out of the building. Once they exit the building, the player needs to rendezvous with the squad and the level ends.

Medal requirement


  • Time: 11:30
  • Accuracy: 35%
  • Shots Fired: 275
  • Kills: 60
  • Head shots: 30


  • Time: 13:30
  • Accuracy: 30%
  • Shots Fired: 375
  • Kills: 40
  • Head shots: 15


  • Time: 16:00
  • Accuracy: 25%
  • Shots Fired: 475
  • Kills: 30
  • Head shots: 10


Starting Loadout
Found in level

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