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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

"While I consider myself to be a brave king in battle, I will tell you my son that those four were the bravest warriors I have ever seen. I had the privilege to fight alongside them in the great battle many years ago where we defeated the creatures from beyond and the dead eaters. They disappeared after we claimed victory never to be heard from again. The last thing they told me was to build my castle here in this very location before they disappeared."
— The Wolf King speaking to his son about Primis.

The Wolf King is a character featured in various paintings in the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies map Der Eisendrache, as well as a part of the Wolf Bow upgrade quest. He is also mentioned in a cipher within Gorod Krovi. The Wolf King and his army were fighting in The Great War alongside Primis and the Keepers against the Zombies and the Apothicons.


The Great War

The Wolf King was born sometime before 1292. Not much is known about the Wolf King's past, except for that he had somewhat befriended two wolves that fought alongside him in battle. However, the Wolf King and his army assembled to fight the Apothicons alongside the Keepers and Primis. The Wolf King was present for the final day of the Great War, where Primis arrived to use the Elemental Staffs to defeat the Apothicon menace.

In the end of the Great War, The Wolf King was instructed by the four knights to build a castle in a location they specified, before Primis seemingly disappear from history. Sometime after the war, he raised a son who he proceeded to tell stories regarding the Great War and the valiant four knights that he fought alongside with.


"Outnumbered and outgunned. Not even his big-ass dogs could protect him."
Dempsey, upon interacting with the fourth Wolf Bow painting

At some point, many years after the Great War, the Wolf King died. The circumstances of his deaths are not clear. However, paintings within Der Eisendrache show that the Wolf King has entered a battle with his wolves, followed by a painting showing an Apothicon monster in the sky shooting lightnings, and a painting of his loyal servant Arthur grieving at the Wolf King's dead body.

As the Wolf King died, he requested that his faithful servant Arthur scatter his remains under the site where his castle was built. Arthur has honored the Wolf King's dying request, and buried the bones in September 19th 1318, only to be teleported by temporal rifts to Buried in the following day. These bones will later be unearthed by Primis and one the Wolf King's wolves (as a spirit) when obtaining the Wolf Bow.



  • Takeo Masaki sees the Wolf King very positively, referring to him as a gracious and a great king.